Express Yourself

As an author writes in Kannada- ”Procession goes on  until the road is worn off. Writing goes on until the fingers are worn off.”

Express yourself. Exhibit the multicoloured dreams weaved by your mind. Give a  direction to the roaming imaginations.

Open out the closed windows of your mind and vent out the suppressed feelings within, let the fragrant and fresh wind from

outside to enter within, so that whatever you spill out may spread far and wide the fragrance from within.

Write to  reform the  outdated views and systems existing in the society by convincing the people about their  evil effects

through writing. Insist the people not to recourse to strikes or riots instead of placing the demands before the concerned

authorities and requesting them in writing to take proper action and deliver justice by setting right the things.

A Kannada poet writes that those who  drink milk vomit poison. Wherever we see we find resentment and anger existing among

people. That is why this country is like this. He further muses that the buffalo which is not bothering about the affairs of the

world is only the happiest being. It never cares those who engage in fighting  with or shouting at each other in front of it but

remains  calm and undisturbed. It is possible only for a writer to spread  peace in society  by killing the anger and resentment

with his mighty weapon, “The Pen.”

-Vani Hegde



Udupi, also called as Udipi. Udupi means Lord of  stars, the moon. [Udu=stars;Pa=lord]

Since moon is the crown jewel of Shiva, the name Udupi owes its origin to the presence of temple  of Shiva named Chandra Mouleshwara.

The famous temple of Sri Krishna in Udupi was built by Madhwacharya who is also called Poorna Prajna and Ananda Thirtha. Madhwacharya was born at Pajaka, a place near Udupi. He was a great spiritual personnel.

A sailor presented to him two slices of Gopi Chandana [slices of solidified  sandal  paste] as a token of gratitude for showing him the shore of the sea at the critical moment of roaming in boat without knowing the destination. When Madhwacharya was carrying the sandal  slices with him, one slice fell down and broke into pieces at Vadabhandeshwara. An idol of Balarama brother of Sri Krishna  came out of the broken slice and Madhwacharya built  a temple for Balarama at vadabhandeshwara, near Malpe ,now a harbour. Another slice he carried to Udupi and built temple for Sri Krishna, the idol hiding in the slice of  solidified sandal paste. It is said that the idol of Sri Krishna at Udupi was carved during the last  phase of  Dwapara Age when Mahabharata war happened and Madhwacharya  got it 800 hundred years  ago. He also established 8 Matthas [accommodation of priests] at 8 corners around the temple and arranged for the  worship of Lord Krishna by the priests one after the other periodically. Later the system of worship for a period of two years by each  priest  by rotation was introduced which became the tradition of  Paryaya [ system of worship  in rotation].

The name of Udupi is inseparable  from the name of Kanakadasa, a great devotee of Sri Krishna. He was not allowed to enter the temple because he belonged  to lower caste. It is believed that earthquake happened and the idol of Sri Krishna turned from east to west  so that Kanakadasa could have  darshan [vision ]of Sri Krishna. The window where he used to  see Sri Krishna is still there  and called Kanakana Kindi[ Kindi means window].

By: Vani

Floral World

Charming and beautiful  is the floral world. Reach for the flowers  lying around,

Instead of aspiring  for the stars beyond your fold. Pluck not but pick a flower  from the ground,

And listen to the   message of life  it  reveals  to  you in  a whispering sound.

In a life  which seems like a nightmare,the  colourful dreams  in the eyes of flowers you find.

Earth’s love in blooming  flowers have you noted?

Flowers give  solace to you  and give you company day and night.

Stars shine only at night in darkness.If lotus blooms at the appearance  of the sun,

A flower named queen of night blooms at night.

Flowers teach you  how to laugh and dance during the spring season  of life.

They teach you not to waste life in worries  and that  life is short by fading in the evening.

Lotus teaches you how to remain pure in a polluted surrounding .

Rose teaches you to say “I love you” through the language of heart.

Jasmine teaches you not to stink  but to spread fragrance around you and to remain pure.

Floral business is a source of  livelihood  for many.

Petals of flowers are dried and powdered and used in making  perfumes,

Mehandi, rosewater,rose essence and in paintings  smeared upon  the idols made of mud,

And in colour powders used during  Holi.

Flowers are weaved into garlands and used for adoring idols of God in temples and during wedding occasions.


No Complaint,Only Adjustment

If you live in a flat, in a housing complex, you are sure to learn the lesson – “no complaint only adjustment”.

If you are a vegetarian, you have to bear the flavour of frying fish and baking meat, emanating from the kitchens  of your non- vegetarian neighbours.

At the time of offering prayer to Jesus or making Namaz to Allah, you may be disturbed by the echoing sound of ringing bell, and blowing of horn during puja performed by a Hindu neighbour.

If you love to remain in peaceful environment, you may be disturbed by the shouting of children, playing cricket in the yard below,before the ground floor. You have to bear also the loud vomiting sound, made by your neighbour while brushing the teeth in the morning.

 Your sleep may be disturbed by the musical note of street dogs barking in  high pitch at midnight.

In the morning the chirping sound of doves, dwelling outside your windows wake you up from sweet dreams.

If you are tolerating and enjoy mixing with others, you find caring neighbours around.

The life in flat is like a joint family system. You are invited to participate in get together functions, birthday parties and festivals like Ganesh Chathurti , Deepavali etc.

It is like living in a model democratic province, Where everyone  tolerate and  respect the culture and freedom of others.


Fear Of Fire

No one is free from fear of fire which engulfs the whole areas and spreads afar, due to eruption of volcanoes  or short circuits in Mall, theatres or other crowded places, and  explosion of landmines hiding below the earth , explosion of gaseous pipes  in residential areas,  spread of  wild-fire in forest areas etc.

The disasters happen at the time when no  one  is aware  of tragedy, and at the time when the people remain mesmerized in fun of festivals.

The havoc caused by the disaster turns dreams into nightmare.

To keep proper vigilance and inspection from time to time  about the  age and  endurance of public properties  is desired.


Unity And Difference

In the empire of Lord, under the cover of  sky ,two communities separated by sea of differences,may be united by  building bridge of love between them.But in human empire,under the cover of one roof, the members of joint family dominated by the senior of family may be divided into single rooms when wall of differences appear between them.

By : Vani

Colour Of The World Map

It seems we are holding a long brush named confrontation and racing forward to paint the map of the world with red blood instead of  lush green.

We are not so ignorant to  despise the truth that reconciliation is better than confrontation.

But  since we are sensitive and not willing to forgive injuries and insult before the big issue of human existence,we are willing not for reconciliation.

We give priority to ego and ofting for confrontation.

Epic Mahabharata is a shining example of how much widespread miseries that confrontation can  spell.

While reconciliation seems a bitter pill for us,it acts like a medicine to cure our ego and craziness for warfare,thus saving the earth from extinction.

Do not forget reconciliation is a big brush which only can colour the map with green.