Radha requests with Shri Krishna –

Can I say don’t go on journey?  It may mean ominous to you.
Can I say go later, not now?  Then you may misunderstand me.
Can I say you to stop ? Then it is your ‘Will’.
Can I say do as you like it,  then it implies contempt.
I can’t live without you, oh my lord! But if I reveal it, will you believe me or feel disgusted?
What can I say to you now? What is right and what is not I don’t know. Teach me oh my Lord!

There is innocence in the love of Radha towards Krishna. The lover should not become a thorn in the journey of life of her beloved. She should not become burden on him, neither she want to cause disturbances of any kind to him. Such a deep intensity of love is expressed in her request. This is the real love and only the real happiness of soul we find in such a love and not in self concentrated love where in the disappointment gives way to resentment and in-human behaviour. 

-Vani Hegde
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Arthana [Sanskrit word] means begging.

Prarthana means begging the divine power in a special way. It is called  the prayer. Praying the divine force above us  specially in a humble way, makes our life meaningful and peaceful. Prarthana is an indivisible part of vedic culture. If  children start  praying since childhood, it protects them like a life jacket throughout their life.

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Traffic Rules Of The Track Of Life

The ruthless victorious person goes on kicking the subdued one until the victim lose patience and hits back.

Who does not throw stones at the roaming dogs and cats on the streets? But if the same bruised dogs and cats become aggressive and turn against, the stone pelters run away.

To make the people know about the harmful effects  of wicked deeds, Our elders have formulated certain guidelines and introduced some beneficial traditions or customs, which like  traffic rules regulates  us  from changing or moving off the right track of daily life.


Animal World

Love animals. Killing of dumb animals is really a sad thing. Like us they also  feel pain. Killing them for taste of tongue means to deny them their right to exist in this earth. Animal protein is not healthy to humans.

Know about animals.

  • Elephant are gigantic in size, so they can to mount the hills quickly.
  • Bear cannot move in slope  easily because of  thick eye lash. When the bears steps down,  the hairs on the eye lash come down and  cover the  vision.  So it cannot see the  way properly in slope.
  • Dogs express their emotions such as fear, joy, anger etc by way of wagging their tails in various styles. Dogs also  speak through waving their ears,  movement of eyes and in posing of body in different ways .
  • Star tortoise are  ectothermic in nature-can regulate their body temperature and live with a minimum supply of oxygen  for hours.
  • Giraffe and elephant are gigantic in size but they are vegetarians.
  • Bats have a role  in pest control. Birds and bats eat tropical insects  and bugs off leaves and thus protect plants .
  • Race of frog is  diminishing speedily because of reaching in excess of ultra violet rays on the earth.
  • Jaguar is  a great swimming  cat.Callopagus  tortoise  lives longest.Home fly has four wings.  It’s  life  span is short.
  • Anaconda is the heaviest snake.
  • Pigni Marmoset is the smallest monkey.
  • There are 23 species in crocodiles. A crocodile can live without food for two  years.
  • Ostrich lays  eggs largest in size.
  • Platypus is a genetic potpourri—part bird, part reptile and part lactating mammal.
  • Penguin and Emu are the two birds that cannot fly. Kiwi bird is found in Newzeland.
  • Octopuses  produce offspring once during a very short life span  of a year. Shortly after the female gives birth, about a month  after conception,both the mother and father die.

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Lord Vishwakarma

Lord Vishwakarma was the divine architect and weapon maker. Hi is believed to have built the city of Swarna Lanka and revealed, the Sthapathya Veda about architecture  and mechanics. He also created Lord Shiva’s Trident, Lord Vishnu’s discus  and other fabulous weapons. He also built unbreakable city of Dwaraka in the middle of ocean for Lord Sri Krishna as per his request. And as a token of respect Sri Krishna worshipped  him on Kanya Sankramana  day as per Vedic calendar. This tradition continues even today. Prayers are offered by workers to Lord Vishwakarma, for welfare and growth of their machines, factories and workshops.


Do You Know?

Dalai Lama =Ocean of wisdom.

Bangkok=City of angels.

Thailand=Land of the free.

Ubuntu[ancient African word]=Humanity to others.

Monsoon=Mausim[Arabic word for weather]

A Palindrome day is a day that reads the same anyway you look at it[Either backward or forward] e.g 02/02/2002.

3 allotropes of carbon- diamond, graphite  and fullerenes. Allotropes =Same element in 2 or 3 forms.

Geek is known for explaining difficult concepts to friends.