1.Ba Ba Black Sheep, Have you any seats?

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, three rooms full.

One for the S.C.;One for the S. T; Rest for the B.C.;

None for the Merit.

2.”There is a hole in my bucket,

Dear Elisa, Dear Elisa,”

”Then mend it, dear Henry, dear Henry”

”With what shall I mend it, dear Elisa…”

”With some straw, dear Henry….”

”The straw is too long;”

”Then cut it;”

”With what?”

”With a knife;”

”The knife is blunt;”

”Then sharpen it…”

”With what shall I sharpen?”

”With a stone…”

”The stone is too dry…”

”Then wet it…”

”With what…?

”With some water…”

”How shall I fetch it, dear Elisa?

Dear Elisa, but how?”

”With a bucket dear Henry, dear Henry with a bucket;”

”But there is a hole in my bucket…”

The poem is linear and circular.Every question

of Henry has a straight answer that Elisa gives

and its endless refrain makes the poem circular.

3.”Wash a pig as much as you like, it goes right

back to the mud.

4.Of course, we will have a tryst with Rama Rajya.

There are Lakshman  Rekhas.

5.Q:Why Gandhiji had not been awarded the Nobel Peace  Prize?

A:It is like asking why Jesus Christ did not get the Nobel Prize.

6.Money is the sixth sense without which you cannot enjoy

the other  five senses.

7.Which is the largest gate?


8. Which is the largest city?


9.The teacher punished the crab by making it to

stand upon the bench.Why you know?

The crab had the habit of punching others.

10.Q:Why is a woman’s mind cleaner than a man’s?

A:She changes it more often.

11.As I paid for a mocha at the coffee shop, I pulled

out a handful of coins from my purse.

”Sorry”, I said to the barista.”All I  have is change.”

”That’s okay” she replied serenely.”We can’t move

forward without change.” (Wendy Ardoling)



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