Health Corner.

1.Silence is very beneficial to health. It is

like plugging in your phone.Your mind

needs to recharge too and it does more

recharging in than it does during sleep.

Silence boosts your immune system,

making it easier for your body  to fight of

invading bacteria and other pathogens.

Silence make you happy, spending

time in silence boosts your brain chemistry

and as a  great side effect you are able to

focus better too.Silence reduces stress(lowers

blood cortisol levels and adrenaline levels)

which is the biggest killer in the world.

Silence helps your brain to become more

interactive thus you work with more of your

brain, leading to higher cognitive abilities.

-Dr.Paul Haider.

Napping in general, isn’t considered unhealthy.

Taking brief naps under half an hour can bring

about many benefits, such as reduced fatigue,

increases alertness, improved mood and improved

cognitive performance. However, the duration of

your nap can determine whether you see positive

or negative effects.While an afternoon nap is

typically harmless, it could possibly bring about

health issues if it’s long lasting and becomes a

frequent habit. Naps exceeding half an hour

during the day could possibly lead to serious

health conditions like  cardiovascular disease,

diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

-Dr. Ramesh Mehta.




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