Birds And Animals.

1.Dodo is an extinct flightless bird that was endemic

to the island of Mauritius.

2.The cassowary has colorful feathers and strong legs;

but  it’s toes have knife-like sharp claws.Cassowary is

found in the forests of Papua, New Guinea and some

surrounding islands. As tall as a person, with a helmet

on its head, a vivid blue neck and long drooping red

wattles-this is the Southern Cassowary.

3. Raccoon carry their food to water to douse it before


4.Skinks are coloured lizards that resemble snakes. They can

see with closed eyes. Skinks belong to the family of Scincidae

and the infraorder  Scincomorpha (found in Sri Lanka)

They can be found in different type of habitats: grasslands,

forests, mountains, deserts and urban areas except in the

boreal and polar regions.

5.A greyhound dog can jump a distance of 27 feet.

Greyhounds come in all colours. The first Greyhound

came to Australia with Captain Cook in 1770.

6.African lungfish  has two lungs. It secrets a thin

layer of mucus around itself that dries into a cocoon.

It can live out of water in this cocoon for up to a year.

Lungfish live in Africa, South America and Australia.

7.An electric eel is an electric fish. When agitated it

can produce a shock of up to 650 volts.Electric eels

are found in the waters of South America.

8.’Octo’ is the Greek word for eight and ‘pus’ is the

ancient  Greek word for leg.The disease that attacks

the nervous system, causes the Octopus to eat itself

in a thoroughly horrible way and then kills the Octopus off.

The blue ringed Octopus is the most venomous.

9.Kakapos, Keas, Kakas are all Newzealand parrots.

10.Ptarmigan birds have feathers on their toes.The Rock

Ptarmigan is Nunavut’s official bird.Willow Ptarmigan

is Alaska’s State Bird.The Rock Ptarmigan can be found

in all countries that circle the North Pole.

11. Roman Goddess Juno’s favourite bird is peacock.

12.A duck’s quack doesn’t echo.

13.Snails have 14,175 teeth.

14.Humming bird fly backwards.

15.For a butterfly to fly, it must have a body temperature

of  30 degree celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

16.Kangaroo cannot walk on land on it’s hind legs because

the legs can’t move independently. But when they are

swimming, they kick each leg independently.  They

move by hopping.They cannot move backwards.

17.The animal with the largest brain is sperm whale.

18.Spotted Hyenas laugh which sounds like hysterical

human laughter.

19. The cows are earthquake-sensitive animals. The ten

animals that can predict natural disaster are-Flamingos,

snakes, bats, bees,cats, rats,elephants,cows,dogs

and horses.

20.Owls don’t have eyeballs.The eyes are long and

shaped like a tube. Owl’s eyes can’t turn in their

sockets because of this shape.

21.Snakes have no eyelids, so they never close their

eyes or blink.They have trouble in seeing things

that aren’t moving. Instead of eyelids, thin clear

membrane cover their corneas called spectacles

or brilles which offers some of the functions of

the eyelids.Snakes’ brains are in charge of their


22.Blue whale’s sound can be heard at a distance

of over 500 miles(800 kilometres)

23.Greyhounds can reach speeds of upto 45 miles

per hour.

24.Sharks recover quickly from injuries. The immune

system defend the body against organisms that can

cause infections.A substance in their bodies can stop

viruses in their tracks.



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