What They Mean?

1.HELLO means

H=Humbleness.(Listen with humbleness)

E=Excitation.(Listen with excitation)

L=Love.(Listen with love)

L=Learning.(Listen for information)

O=Opening.(Listen with open mind)

2.Quiet types (S and C) in demand at B P Os.

India is a strong ”S” country. Individuals

with ”yes” (S) types are submissive personalities.

”C” or constancy factor also works, but not ”I” or”D”

I=Initiative factor; D=Dominance.

Mild ones (S or C ) stick to job; the smart ones(I or D)

burn out easily. They are not cut out for monotonous

tasks and get bored. Even the most attractive pay

packets are not enough to hold them back.

3.Goty=Getting older, Thinking younger.

4.L=Right angle;

O=Full circle;

V=Roman Five-V;

E=and me, that’s the relation between you and me.

5.B.A.=Bachelor Again;M.A.=Married Again.

6.Obachan (Japanese language word) means Aunt.

7.Liberia  is a country on the west African coast.

”Liberia” means ”Land of  the Free” in Latin.



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