Do You Know?

1.Dance is a powerful medium to express.When you dance,

there is a flow of positive energy.Expression is central to

healing.When you pour out what you have inside,it helps

you gain clarity and gives you a sense of closure.When the

dance focuses on the therapeutic side of the art,than its

grammar,it works as a medicine to heal the body and mind.

2.If you are an Indian resident seeking to cover your life

with a foreign Insurance company, your application will

be rejected.An Indian working overseas cannot buy a L.I.C.

policy in the country where is working unless he is a permanent

resident there.Foreign nationals working in India too are subject

to the same rule.An overseas Insurance company do not accept

applications from those foreign nationals in India unless they

have taken out an Insurance policy prior ti their postings in India.

3.A=Appreciate the good in others.

R=Respect people.

T=Tune in to others,listen to them.

4. Handle your negative feelings using the A B C D E method.

A=Adversity ( describe the event)

B=Beliefs ( at the time of adversity what is your reaction)

C=Consequences ( what you feel)

D=Dispute ( dispute your irrational beliefs to create alternative

positive thoughts)

E=Effective new approach to tackle the problem.



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