One Line Quotes.

  1. 1.Great music has the ability to organize
  2. our confused feelings into distinct
  3. apprehensions of life.
  4. 2.You cannot drive forward by looking
  5. backwards.
  6. 3.Action is better than reaction.
  7. 4.Be effective, not affected.
  8. 5.It’s choice not chance that determines
  9. your destiny.
  10. 6.Anger blows out the lamp of the mind.
  11. 7. The best relationships are based on
  12. perfect understanding.
  13. 8. Be curious rather than furious .
  14. 9.Everyone wants a  long life but no one
  15. wants get old.
  16. 10.They are never alone, that are
  17. accompanied with noble thoughts.
  18. Source:Collection.

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