Women Power.

1.Sara Mather, an American scientist invented lamp

and submarine telescope.

2. Margaret E.Knight, an American scientist invented

a machine to build flat bottomed paper bags.

(B:Feb. 14, 1838;D:Oct.12, 1914)

3. Kanchan Chaudhari was India’s first

female Director General of Police. She was also the

second I.P.S. Officer in India after Kiran Bedi.

4. Surekha Yadav (B:2 September 1965) is the

first female Train driver (1988) in India and Asia.

5.The Dishwasher was invented by Josephine

Cochrane in 1887.

6. Sarah E. Goode invented Folding Cabinet Bed.

7. Coffee filter system was invented by Melitta


8.Florence Parpart invented the modern electric

refrigerator in 1914.

9.Katharine Burr Blodgett (1898-1979) invented

non reflective glass which is essential for eye glasses,

car windshields and computer screen.

10.Maria Beasely invented life rafts and a machine

for making barrels.

11.J.Manjula, an outstanding scientist is the first

woman Director General of D.R.D.O.(Defence

Research and Development Organization).



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