Naga Panchami.

The monsoon is snakebite time and so with the rain

comes Naga Panchami. Snakes are revered in the

hope that they will spare their worshippers. Prayers

are also offered to Lord Shiva as snakes are dear to

Him. Lord Vishnu is depicted as resting on the coiled

Adi Shesha.Lakshman, brother of Lord Rama and

Balarama, brother of Lord Krishna and Patanjali, the

compiler of yogic traditions are considered to be the

incarnations of Adishesha. Lord Shiva is shown with

a snake named Vasuki curled around His neck. This

implies that no evil can destroy us once we surrender

to Him and worship Him with deep devotion. There is

also a version where the snakes help Shiva keep the

poison in His throat, i.e.not letting it slide down.

The snake coiled around Ganesha’s stomach represents

the divine energy that infuses all living forms.

Goddess Durga used snake as a belt to destroy

the demons, Chanda and Munda.

Naga Panchami is a traditional worship of snakes

observed by Hindus throughout India and Nepal.

It is widely believed that the childless couple will

be blessed with a child if they observe Naaga

Panchami vruta.(vow/pledge)

The worship is offered on the 5th day of bright

half of lunar month Shravana according to Hindu



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