Power of prayer.

Prayer help in healing.Spiritual aids the physical.

People who pray regularly are less likely to fall ill;

when they do, they tend to recover fast.

Prayer also benefits people who are prayed for,

by others, known as ”intercessory prayers”.

Prayer in essence is like meditation.

In prayer, we speak to God.In meditation, God

speaks to us.Prayer evokes a relaxation response

that quells stress, calms the body and promotes healing.

Prayer involves a repetition of words and sounds which

produce a healing effect. The physical changes that

take place in the body when someone meditates,

include – a decrease in metabolism, heart rate,blood

pressure, rate of breathing, slower brainwaves and

enhanced feelings of control, peace and tranquility.

This is because during meditation, all inputs coming

to the brain are filtered out.Mind starts resting and

finally calms down.

Prayer allows the mind to transfer fear and suffering

into another agency, believed to be a higher power

and diminishes the negative inputs thus reducing

burden of suffering and making the mind feel better.

Prayer heals by reducing emotional distress in response

to disease.

Whatever may be the content of the prayer, God looks

for the intent and motive,”For, the Lord seeth not as

man seeth, for, man looketh on the outward appearance,

but the Lord looketh on the heart”. When the prayer

covers a wider universal canvas, it becomes powerful

and meaningful.



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