Notable Quotes.

1.Accident brings tears;safety brings cheers.

2.Don’t  pine for those who choose to leave you.

3.Science is what you know;philosophy is what

you don’t know.-Bertrand Russel.

4.Rose is a flower which dies within a hour;but

love is a power which dies never.

5.Be familiar to all; be social to some;be friend

to one; be enemy to none.

6.Some like meat; some like feats; some like

sweets; no one like beats.

7. Talk like American; dance like Russian;

but be at heart an Indian.

8.Morning heat is graceful;evening shade is


9.A fair face may fade but a beautiful soul

last forever.

10.Blessed are the flexible, for, they shall

not be bent out of shape.-Michael McGriff,M.D.

11.Prevent;do not repent.

12.A meaningful silence is better than

meaningless words.

13. Life brings tears, smiles and memories;

the tears dry, the smiles fade but the memories

last forever.

14.More important than what is behind you and

what is ahead of you, is what is within you.

15. Life is good when your world is healthy.

-Swami Vivekananda.


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