Different names of various countries.

A lot of countries have a native name different from its English version.

Name of the country————Different names.

1.England———————-U.K.,Great Britain, Sasana, Sasainn,Bro Saoz.

2.Netherland——————-Holland, The Dutch.

3.Germany———————-Deutschland,Rhein Land.

4.Spain————————Espana and Hispania.

5.Japan————————Nippon and Nihon.

6.China————————Cathay, Kitai,Zhongguo.


8.North Corea——————Joseon.

9.South Corea——————Hanguk.






15. Russia——————The Union of Soviet socialist Republic,

The Soviet Union,Soviet Russia,Byelorussia(former name)

,Ruthenia, Tartaria,Romanov Russia, Bolshevik Russia.

‘Rus’ is the nickname of Russia which has been torn apart into

pieces known as Russia Belarus and Ukraine.

. Source:Collection.


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