The Backbenchers.

Occurence in nature.:-Commonly found in the last
benches of classrooms and in front seats of cinema
halls.Also referred to as nuisance.
Physical properties:-Tall, well-built with long hair.
Chemical properties:-Does not have affinity for studies.
Highly active in passing comments. Highly reactive to
activities other than studies,contain chewing gums.
Absorbs cinema songs very quickly.Bad conductors
of studies.Good conductors of laughter and jokes.
Action of lectures on backbenchers:-Remain unaffected
by lectures under normal conditions.But reacts when
combined with scoldings.
Combination of backbenchers with other students:-
Normally do not mix with other students.But highly
adhesive within their group.When other students are
kept exposed to backbenchers for a long time, former
is converted into latter.
Other properties:-Backbenchers combine with each other
producing jokes and liberating laughter.
Normally produces noise.But silent in the presence of
boiling lecturers.
Under normal conditions the disturbance and jokes
produced by them gets absorbed by students of other
benches and this reduces the studying efficiency of
the class. All these are undesirable properties of
Backbenchers cannot produce good results in exam
until all their hardness and inactiveness is removed.
Removal of impurities from backbenchers:-when a
blast of hot scoldings is sent through the backbenchers
concentrated in the class, the following reaction
takes place.
The backbenchers decompose into good students and bad
habits separate as precipitate, resulting in the
removal of their hardness and inactiveness.
This can also be achieved through the addition of
warning(of giving T.C.)
In all these processes, backbenchers are converted
into good students, free from unwanted impurities.


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