Do You Know?

1.Sun gives the planets their light and heat.
It’s gravity stops the planets from flying off
into space.
2.P.M=Post Meridien, which is Latin word for
afternoon.(past morning)
A.M.=Ante Meridiem(at morning)
3.The biggest planet discovered in the milky
way is”CT Chamaeleontis:Planet B”with more than
twice the diameter of Jupiter’s.
4.If you have an apple and I have an apple
and if we exchange these apples, then you
and I,still each have an apple. But if you
have an idea and I have an idea and if we
exchange these ideas, then each of us will
have two ideas.-Bernard Shaw.
5.Amaravati(in Andhra Pradesh) was the capital
of Satavahanas who ruled Andhra from the 2nd
century BCE to the 3rd century BCE after the
downfall of Mourya Empire.
6.Aryabhata contributed the concept of zero
to the world. A lessor known fact is his work
on the discovery of the important mathematical
concept Pi. Studying the ”Aryabhatiya” shows
beyond doubt that Aryabhata had indeed discovered
and worked on the concept of ‘pi’ long before
the western world was even aware of its existence.
(476 BCE-550 BCE)
7.Eyes remain fit for retrieval upto 6-8 hours
of death.
8.Hippocrates was a famous Greek doctor. He wrote
an oath for doctors. Ancient Greek doctors
promised to do no harm.Doctors still take this oath
today.It is called the Hippocratic oath.
9.O.K.(Greek word)=Ola Kala(=it is good)
10.Bollywood refers to Hindi film industry.
Kollywood refers to Tamil film industry.
Tollywood refers to Telugu film industry.
Nollywood refers to the west African centered
movie industry.
Mollywood refers to Malayalam movie industry.


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