Do You Know?

1.Ringing rocks are rocks that have the property
of resonating like a bell, when struck, such as
musical stones of Skiddaw in the English Lake
District(a mountainous region in North West
England) as well as the stones in Ringing Rocks
Park in Upper Black Eddy,Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and
the Ringing Rocks of Kiandra near Cooma,(a town
in the south of New South Wales, Australia.)
and also the Bell Rock Range of western Australia.
Ringing rocks are also known as sonorous rocks or
lithophonic rocks as used in idiophonic musical
instruments called lithophones.
2.Yavana is a community in Hindu mythology. They
are grouped under western countries along with
Sindhu, Madra,Kekeya, Gandhara and Kambhoja as
per descriptions in the epic ”Mahabharata”
This word is also used in Indian history to indicate
Greeks and later Arabs from the 7th century A.D.
Yavana is a city in Tajikistan, which is located on
the continent of Asia. Neighbouring countries are
Afghanistan, China,Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
3.Anarta is the name of mythological kingdom of
ancient India, described in Mahabharata, roughly
forming the northern Gujarat State of India.
It was founded by a grandson of Vaivasvata,
inter alia the father of Manu and Yama, named
Anartha.The place was later flooded by Varuna
and remained for sometime as a forest land, before
Lord Krishna and Yadavas came there and built Dwaraka.


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