Do You Know?

1)Paul P. Harris was the founder of Rotary Club
which was one of the world’s first service
organisation. He founded the club on February
23, 1905 at Chicago.
2)Maha Bharath and the Puranas were considered
to have been composed during the period of
500 BC to 500 CE.
3)Himalaya is called ”Nagadhiraj”(==the lord
of all mountains. He stands unsurpassed as the
measuring rod of the Earth.Since time immemorial,
the Himalayan range has been called the jewel
of the world.
4)Columbus came in search of India but by mistake
he travelled west and named the natives as ”red
Indians” and the place as West Indies.
5).”Mujahid” means fighter in the way of Allah.
6).Jeeba” means beauty in Persian.
7).Latin word ”et” means ”and.”
”&” was actually part of the English alphabet.
In the early 1800s school children concluded the
alphabet with the”&.”
8).Italian printer Aldus Manutius introduced,
italics, modern commas and the semi colon”!.”
9).7,000 years ago. Maharshi Bharadwaj had
knowledge of ”aeroplanes which travel from
one country to another, one continent to another
and one planet to another.”
10)Indian scientists discovered the geometric
theorem. Indian mathematicians invented algebra.


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