Do You Know?

1)Holy number for the Muslims is 786.
2)Holy number for the Hindus is 18.
3)Original name of Purandaradasa was Srinivasa
Nayaka.He lost his parents at the age of 20,
thereby inheriting his father’s business of
gemstones and pawning.He prospered and became
known as Nava Koti Narayana (owner of 9 crores).
4)Mayasura was the father of Mandodari, the
beautiful wife of Ravana, the king of Lanka.
He built the ”Maya Sabha” at Indraprastha
for Pandavas.
5)”Barack” means ”one who is blessed”.
6)”Hippos” means horse ( a Greek word.)
7)”Stetho (Greek word) means heart; scope
(Greek word) means test.
8)Na.Mo.=Nation in Motion.
9)Ayur=Age or life; Veda=knowledge.Ayurveda
means the science of life or longevity.
10)Ants never sleep.


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