One line quotes.

1.If you have an hour to spare, don’t spend it with

someone who hasn’t.

2.Those who love deeply, never grow old; they die

of years but they die young.

3.Cheerfulness maintained in adversity is best

form of courage.

4.To be spiritual is not to reject reason but go

beyond it.

5.When we have not what we like, we must like

what we have.

6.The more you practice what you know, the more

shall you know what to practice.

7.Man is a product of his thoughts; what he thinks,

he becomes.

8.Get your facts first and then you can distort them

as you please.

9.People who never lose sleep over money, hardly

make any.

10.Punishment cannot win back a woman’s love

or a man’s loyalty.

11.The slowest in promising is always the most

faithful in  fulfilling.

12.The country which has too many laws has too

little justice.

13.He, who will not economize will have to agonize.

14.Success often makes more enemies than friends.

15.Between the two evils, pick the one you’ve not tried

before; and learn.

16.The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they

are too strong to be broken.

17.Inflation is like a baloon; once it goes high enough,

you can’t let the air out.

18.The next world war will be fought on the issue of


19.What matters is not to add years to life but life to

your years.

20.However great a man is, he has to bow before God

and his barber.

21.Man can win a woman but never an argument

with a woman.

22.Satire is putting a sharp edge upon a blunt truth.

23.A dictionary is the only place where success

appears before work.

24.If dogs could talk, they wouldn’t make such

good friends.

25.Memories never go away; only people do.

26. Money is the spice of life; save it, savour it,

then spend it but keep some.

27.The only sure thing about  luck is that it will


28.Conscience is inner warning that someone is

looking what we’re doing.

29.Of all the things you wear, your expression

is the most important.

30.What hunger is in relation to food, joy is in

relation to life.



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