1.Which zodiac sign has the bull as its symbol?


2.Name the only other animal, apart from humans,

whose evidence is admissible in a court.


3.Of which sea, sometimes called a lake too, are Baku.

Astrakhan and Guryevthe chief ports?

Answer:Caspian Sea.

4.In Chemistry, which law states ”the volume of a gas

at constant pressure is proportional to its absolute temperature”?

Answer:Charles Law.

5.An American, lesser known as a painter but more for

inventing a system of communication, was born on April 27

in 1791. Name him.

Answer:Samuel Morse.

6.Name Pope John Paul II’s best selling book on meditation.

Answer:”Crossing the threshold of hope.”

7.Expand the computer language acronym Algol.

Answer:Algorithmic Language.

8.Which international airport do the letters CCU identify?


9. One sometimes refers to her/his institution of  learning

as Alma Mater.What does it mean?

Answer:”Foster Mother.”

10.Which is the heaviest seabird?

Answer:Emperor Penguin.

11.In which city did Anne Frank write her famous diary?


12.Hippophobia is the fear of—?


13.Who ordered Hercules to perform the 12 Labours?

Answer: Eurystheus.

14.What colour supposedly has the effect of counter-acting

physical fatigue?

Answer:Red.15.In ”The Fellowship of the Ring,” how many

Rings of Power did the Elves hold?

Answer:Three (”Three Rings for the Elven Kings under the sky”)

Source:The Hindu(April 27,2002)








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