Spiritual Corner.

1.God is too subtle to be known.He is far away, yet He is near.


2.Choose not but acknowledge and adore His Will.

3.You are not secure in this world of swift cataclysmic changes,

until you have surrendered  yourself wholly to God.

4.Thoughts are internal forces and as you think ,so you make or

mar yourself.Let your hands be engaged in work; but let your thoughts

dwell on the Lotus-feet of the Beloved God.

5.The objects in themselves have no power to give us pain or pleasure.

We, through our attachment with objects, invest them with power to

throw us out of gear, to exhilarate us or depress us.

6. This world, with its varied  attractions is the exhibition.We ought

to enjoy what comes our way but should not become slaves of enjoyment.

In the attractions of the world of objects, emotions and thoughts we

should not lose sight of our goal, the identification of ourselves with the


Source:From the parables of Swami Chinmayananda.

7.Even a great man like Arjuna says to Shri Krishna in the Geeta.(6.34)

”The mind is fickle, turbulent, powerful and unyielding. To control

and concentrate it, is as difficult as controlling the wind itself.”

8.”Be without sin, so that you may be without fear.

Speak the truth so that you may be trusted.

Be of good repute so that you may live at peace/ease.

Think on the state of your soul so that you may go to heaven.

Be generous so that you may go to paradise.

Do not say anything that has a double meaning.

-The teachings of the Magi.

9.There is no difference between the wave and the ocean.

The wave may appear separate, because it has size and form.

But that is momentary; the waves go back  into the ocean.

The wave arises from the ocean, exists for a moment and

then goes back to the ocean.




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