Divine Corner.

1.Bhagwan-The word Bhagwan means one who has
6 eternal qualities,i.e,-He who possesses all
wealth, all strength,fame, beauty,knowledge
and renunciation.
2.There are no cross connections when you
direct dial to the Almighty. Finding your own
faith is the”way to pray.”
3. India is suffering from the problem of
religious differences.We should believe in only
one religion-the religion of humanity.
4.Love and attraction-Love is essential in
relationship. It’s not about attraction alone.
In attraction, there is aggressiveness;
in love, there is submission.
-Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar.
5.Living happily does not mean that everything
around us must be perfect.It means choosing to
be happy in spite of the fact that it will
never be perfect.
-Joe Rossini.
6.The Indian Mythology’s purpose was to weave
spiritual lessons through interesting stories,
which would leave a lasting impact. Sadly today
the meaning has faded, while storyline continues.
-Shovana Narayan.
7.Paint life on all dark patches.
8.Let spiritual radiance intoxicate your soul.
Spill in every corner of your being, the fragrance
of God’s name. Become one with the divine force!
Chant mantras for pure mornings, serene evenings
and peaceful nights.Embrace divine music-”mantras/
bhajans” to celebrate life.
9.Be a positive thinker.Believe that with positive
attitude, you can handle all the difficulties or
give them a purpose. A negative thinker not only
spreads negative energy around, he would also hurt
himself in the process.A positive mind is always
”a part of nature,” while the negative is always
”apart” from nature.
10.Listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages
with open heart; seek elegance rather than luxury;
and refinement rather than fashion; be wealthy not
rich;talk gently, act frankly, bear all cheerfully,
do all bravely, hurry never, think quietly, grow up
through the common.
-William Henry Channing.
Source: Collection.


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