1. You can’t count the coins given by father;

You cannot fold the mat given by mother.

Answer:Stars in the sky are the coins and

planet earth is the mat.

2.Silver idol with gold covering.


3.What breaks when you  name it?


4. What  has four wheels and flies?

Answer:A garbage truck.

5.What did the big chimney say to the

small chimney?

Answer:You are too young to smoke.

6.What occurs  once in a minute, twice

in a  moment but not in a hundred years?

Answer:The word ”M”.

7.How does  the salesman sells a refrigerator

to an Eskimo?

Answer:By saying that the Eskimo can stay

warmer inside the  refrigerator than the


8.What can travel around the world while

staying in a corner?


9.What kind of  a tree can you carry in

your hand?

Answer:A palm.

10.What  is the only question you can’t

answer yes to?

Answer:Are you dead?

11.Feed me and I live, yet give me a

drink and I die?


12.Take off my skin; I won’t cry, but

you will. What I am?

Answer:An onion.

13. Imagine you are  in a dark room.

How do you get out?

Answer:Stop imagining.

14.What is the end of a rainbow?

Answer:The letter ‘w’

15.What has one eye but cannot see?

Answer.A needle.



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