Do You Know?

1The Chinese invented the first compass. This one

had a magnet inside the turtle shape compass. The

magnet made the turtle turn, so its head pointed

north. Explorers have found that Compasses do

not work at the Earth’s  North Pole.The magnet

inside just spins around.

2.Air cannot escape from the atmosphere, as the

force of gravity, keeps it from floating away from

the Earth.

3.Agriculture: ”Agri” means field plus ”culture”

means cultivation in Latin.Cultivating a piece of

land or planting and growing food plants on it, is

largely what agriculture means.

4.Borrowing words:

Potato—–native American.








5.Odd Eyeball Sayings:

”My eye”—Nonsense.

”Keep your eye on the ball”–Be alert.

”Keep your eyes peeled”—-Be extremely alert.

”Pull the wool over your eyes”-To fool someone.

”Sight for sore  eyes”—Something that gives


”Red eye special”—Travel in the middle of

the night.

”An eye for an eye”—Tit for tat.

”Apple of my eye”–My darling.

”Evil eye”–Bad luck.

”Twinkle of an eye”—-Very quickly.

”Stink eye”–Dirty look.



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