Important Events of February.

February is National Mental Health Consumer Month.

National American Heart Disease Awareness Month.

American Red Cross Month.

National  Condom Month.

National Senior Independence Month.

National Black History Month or National African

History Month  is an annual celebration of achievements

by black Americans in U.S. history.

World Interfaith  Harmony Week from February

1st to 7 th February.

World Hijab Day was  founded by Nazma Khan,

a Bangla Deshi American  woman.

World Marriage Day is observed on second

Sunday of February each year.

2. Burn Awareness Week from February 2 to 8.

Indian Museum was founded by Asiatic Society

of  Bengal in Kolkata, India.

7. National Wear  Red Day. Red is the colour of

our heart. The day is to raise awareness in the fight

against  heart disease in women.

Birth day of  Rashtra Kavi G.S.Shivarudrappa,

Kannada author and poet.

8.National Libraries Day.

Chocolate Day.

This is the date of Celebrate Rose Day in India.

10.Random Acts of  Kindness Week  from February

10 to 16

18. Karnataka Bank was incorporated on  Feb.18,1924

as the Karnataka Bank Limited at  Mangalore and

commenced business on May 23, 1924. B.R.Vyasaray

Achar was one of the founders and K.Surya Narayana

Adiga was the Chairman.

22. Birth day of Robert Baden Powell (1857), the

founder of  scouting. Each year on 22 February

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world celebrate

World Thinking Day.

Healthy Lifestyles  Awareness Day.

National Burn Awareness Week, February 22 to 28.

23.The Chicago attorney formed the Rotary Club of Chicago

in U.S.A. on 23 February 1905. Rotary club is community

service organization.

24. National Eating Disorder Awareness Week-Feb.24

to March 2.

28.On this day in 1928, C.V. Raman discovered ,

what was later called as the Raman Effect.

Death anniversary of  Rajendra Prasad,(1963) the first

President of India.



Wonderful Women.

1.Padmasree  Warrior is the chief  Technology  and Strategy

officer of  Cisco Systems.

2.Facebook  C.O.D. is  Sheril Sandberg.

Christine Lagarde  is the Managing Director of I.M.F.

(International Monetary Fund)

3.America Homeland Security Secretary-Janet Napolitano

is an American politician and  lawyer. She is the first

woman to serve as the U.S. Secretary of  Homeland

Security from 2009 to 2013.

4.Hillary  Rodham Clinton is a  former (67th) U.S.

Secretary of  State and  U.S. Senator.

5.Dilma Rousseff  is the first woman President of  Brazil.

6.Melinda Gates, wife of  Bill Gates is an American

business woman and philanthropist. She is the co-founder

of  the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

7.Michelle Obama, the wife of  the 44th and current

President  of  U.S.-Barrack Obama. She is an American

lawyer and writer.

8. Henna Slater was the first woman to receive the patent

for her invention in 1793 of a sewing thread made of cotton.

9. Tessy Thomas is the Project Director for Agni-iv missile

in Defence Research and Development Organization.

She is the first woman scientist  to head a missile project

in India.

10. Anne Parrish was an American novelist and writer of

children’s books.

11. Natalie Du Toit is a South African disable swimmer.

She is best known for the gold medals she won at the 2004

Paralympic Games as well as the Commonwealth games.

She became the first amputee ever to qualify for the Olympics,

where she placed 16th in the IOK ”Marathon” swim.

12.Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is an Indian entrepreneur.

She is the chair person and Managing Director of  Biocon

Limited , a biotechnology company based in Bangalore,

India and current chair person of  I.I.M. Bangalore.

13.Kiran Desai is an Indian author. Her novel, ”The

Inheritance of Loss”  won the 2006 Man Booker Prize

and the National Book Critics circle Fiction Award.

14.Karanam Malleshwari is an Indian weight lifter.

During her career spanning 10 years she has won 11 gold

and 3 silver medals besides the prestigious Olympic Bronze.

She has been the National  Champion for 9 years(twice in

the 52 kg category and 7 times in 54 kg category)

15.The Famous Five  Women were:

a)Emily Murphy (the British Empire’s first female judge)

b)Irene Marryat  Parlby (farm women’s leader, activist,

and first female cabinet minister in Alberta).

c)Nellie Mooney McClung (a suffragist and member of the

Alberta legislature.)

d)Louise Crummy McKinney ( the first woman elected to

the Legislative  Assembly of Alberta)

e)Henrietta Muir Edwards (an advocate for working women

and a founding member of  the Victorian Order of Nurses)

Emily Murphy was the leader of the ”Famous Five”,

bringing them to victory on October 18,  1929.  Lord Sankey

the Chancellor of the British  Privy Council announced that

”Women are persons and eligible to become Members of the

Senate of Canada.” The victory of  ”The 1929 Persons’ Case”

symbolized   the right of women to participate in all facets

of  life, to dream big and to realize their potential.

16.Clara Jetkin was a  German Marxist, theorist, activist and

advocate for women’s right. In 1911, she organized the first

International Women’s Day. Ratified on August  18, 1920

the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granted  American

women, the right to vote-a right known as Women’s Suffrage.

17.Dr. Begum Jan, a Pakistani activist, who worked as a health

care provider to Afghani  refugees, gets U.S’ International

Women of Courage Award.She also started,’ The Tribal Women

Welfare Association’.

18.Malala Yousafzai  is a Pakistani school pupil, who stood up

to the Taliban and defended her right to an education. She has

received the Tipperary International  Peace  Award in Ireland

to her courage.

19.Liu Yang became the first female Chinese astronaut to go

into space on 16 June  2012, 49 years  after the  first female

Valentina Tereshkova went to the space.

20.Anupam Sud is an artist and print maker. Sud’s etchings are

made with the use of   Zinc plates, a difficult medium, that requires

both patience and precision. Her wok is in the collections of the

National Gallery of  Modern Art, New Delhi, The  Victoria and Albert

Museum, London, The Peabody  Museum, U.S.A. and The  Glenbarra

Art Museum, Japan.

21.Geetha Hariharan is an Indian author and her first novel,”The

Thousand Faces of  Night” has  won the Common wealth Writers’ Prize

in 1993.

22.On discovering  that she was not the natural guardian of her minor

son Geetha Hariharan decided to  challenge the relevant sections of the

Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956 and the Guardian  and

Wards Act 1890 that violate the equality promised by Articles 14

and 15  of the Indian Constitution.Indira Jaisingh and the Lawyers’

Collective filed a writ petition in the Supreme Court on behalf of

Geetha Hariharan and her husband Mohan Rao.The Bench presided

over by Chief Justice  A. S.Anand held in a 1999 judgement that

under Hindu Law, the mother is also the guardian of  her  minor

children along with father.


Important Events of January 2014.

2014  is  International Year of  Small  Island Developing States.

——————————-do—-Family Farming.


National Mentoring  Month.

—–do–Braille Literacy Month.

—–do–Oatmeal Month.

—–do–Stalking Awareness Month.

—–d0–Birth Defects Prevention Month.

—–do–Blood Donor Month.

—–do–Glaucoma Awareness Month.

—–do–Bath Safety Month.

—–do–Hobby  Month.

—–do–Hot Tea Month.

—–do–Soup Month.

Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Global Family Day.

Calcutta was renamed as Kolkata  on 2001.

Money order system was introduced  in all major post

offices  from January, 1880.

Fidel Castro came into power in Cuba on 1st January,1959.

Indian Penal Code came into operation on 1st January 1862.

When Euro was launched on 1st January 1999, it became the

new official currency of 11 member states of  E.U.(European  Union)

and   7  other member states have adopted the Euro since 2001.

January 1, 1801-Ireland was added to great Britain by the Act of

Union,1800, thus creating the United Kingdom of Great

Britain and Ireland.

2.National Road Safety Week(11 to 17). Commuters

are explained about the devastation of road accidents

and encouraged to take action to prevent this carnage.

National Run it up the Flagpole and see if anyone

salutes Day.

3.Humiliation Day.

Fruitcake Toss Day.

Birthday of  Shri B.M.Shrikantaiah,(1884) an Indian author,

writer and translator of  Kannada literature.

4.National Spaghetti Day.

Trivia Day.

Oil and Gas Conservation Week (January 4 to January 10)

and Fortnight(January 16 to January 31)

5.National Bird Day.

India’s G S L V-D5(Satellite Launch Vehicle), put the G S A T -14,

communication satellite into orbit.

6.Bean Day.

Cuddle up Day.

Death anniversary of  Tyagaraja  an Indian classical (Carnatic)

musician.He was born on May 4,1767.

7.Old Rock Day is an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate

old rocks and fossils.

8.Bubble Bath Day.

Male Watchers Day.

9.Play God Day.

National Static Electricity Day

National Apricot Day.

10.Houseplant Appreciation Day.

Peculiar People Day.

K.J.Yesudas(B:January 10, 1940) is an Indian carnatic

musician and film play back singer.

11.International Thank you Day.

12.World Daughters Day.

International Kite Festival.

Swami Vivekananda (B:12 January 1863;D:4 July 1902)

was an Indian Hindu monk.

13.International Skeptics Day.

Make Your Dream Come True Day.

14.Dress up Your Pet Day.

The Prayag Kumbh Mela-2014 starts from

14th January and is spread over up to around

45 days.

International kite festival is observed in India

on 14th January every year.

15.National Hat Day.

Pin Code Week-January 15 to January 21.

16. Appreciate a Dragon Day.

Death anniversary (1901)of Mahadeva Govinda Ranade,

a distinguished Indian scholar, author and social reformer.

17.Birthday of  Michelle  Obama, First Lady of the U.S.

Ditch New Year Resolution Day.

Death Anniversary of  Bengali cine  actress Suchitra Sen.

18.Treasure Day.

Winnie the Pooh Day.

Under water Parks Day.

20.Penguin Awareness Day.

National Butter crunch Day.

21.National Hugging Day.

Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Three  new States (Meghalaya, Manipur and Tripura)

came into existence  on 21st January 1972.

22.Legendary  Telugu actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao dies.

He was born on 20, September 1923.

National Blonde Brownie day.

Queen Victoria,monarch of  Great Britain  and Ireland and

empress of India died(1901).

23. National Pie day.

National Handwriting day.

Measure Your Feet day.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose(B:23,January 1897;D:18 August 1945)

was Indian freedom fighter.

24.Moebius Syndrome  Awareness day.

Beer Can Appreciation day.

National girl child day.

President Rajendra Prasad declared ”Jana Gana Mana”

the national anthem and Vande Mataram the national song

on January 24,1950.

144th birthday of  Kannada poet and writer better

known as Mahakavi(great poet) Nandalike Muddanna.

His name at birth was  Lakshmi Naranappa,(died on Feb:15,1901)

His best known works are-Sri Rama Pattabhisheka, Adbhuta

Ramayana,Ratnavathi Kalyana and Shri Ramashwamedha.

Homi Jahangir Bhabha was an Indian  nuclear physicist

(B:30 October 1909;D:24 January 1966) He died when

Air India Flight 101 crashed near Mont Blanc.

West Bengal government established  the first multidisciplinary

modern University of Calcutta, the first of its kind  in South Asia

on 24 January 1857.

National compliments day.

25.Birthday of  Eusebio(1942), legendary Portugese  soccer

star known as the Black Panther dies on January 5, 2014 at

72 years old.

The Election Commission was established on 25th January

1950.The Government of India celebrate this day as

National Voters Day since 2011.

National Opposite Day.

Himachal Pradesh, India’s 18 State came into being

on 25 January 1971.

Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison established the

Oriental Telephone Company on 25 January 1881.

26.International Customs Day.

Spouses day.

Sangolli Rayanna died  on 1831. He was a brave warrior

from Karnataka. He was the army chief of  the kingdom of

Kittur, ruled at the time by Rani Chennamma. He fought

the British until his death.

27.Family Literacy day–ABC Life literacy,Canada.

National Chocolate Cake day.

The Clock Day.

28.Fun at Work Day.

National Kazoo Day.

Birthday of Pandit Jasraj(1930), an Indian classical


29.National Corn chip Day.

National Puzzle Day.

30.The Chinese Lunar New Year for 2014 is on January 31

and marks the start of the Year of  Horse.

Street Children’s Day.

Vishnu Vardhan was an Indian film actor(B:September 18, 1950;

D:December 3o, 2009)

Birthday of Jackie Robinson(1919). He was an American

baseball player.

Backward Day.

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.