Colour Qualities.

Red:Symbolic of  heat, fire and anger and also the

circulation of the blood. Used by some therapists

to cure paralysis and any blood ailments.

Orange:Symbolic of  prosperity and sometimes

pride. Used to increase the pulse rate, stimulate

the milk  producing action of the breast after

childbirth, dispel kidney and gallstones and treat

hernias and appendicitis.

Yellow:Associated with joy and happiness and also

the intellect. This colour  provides energy for the

lymphatic system and used to treat diabetes,

indigestion, kidney and liver ailments, constipation

and some eye and throat infections.

Green:Usually applied in the emerald hue, this colour

is used to treat nervous conditions, hay fever, ulcers,

influenza,syphilis, malaria and colds. Therapists regard

green as the colour of  harmony.

Blue:A cool colour, associated in some mystical systems

with the throat chakra. Used to alleviate pain, reduce

bleeding, heal burns and treat  dysentery, colic,

respiratory  problems and rheumatism.

Indigo:A purifying colour associated with the pituitary

gland and the energy centre in the forehead. It is used

to heal cataracts, migraines, deafness and skin disorders.

It exerts a soothing effect on the eyes, ears and nervous


Violet:Associated with psychic and spiritual power.

It is applied in treating nervous and emotional

disturbances, arthritis and in easing childbirth. With

green and yellow, it may be used to treat incipient

skin cancer.




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