Women of substance.

1. Elizabeth Yates was elected Mayor of Onehunga,
Newzealand, the first woman in the British Empire
to hold this position on 29th November, 1893.
2. Helena Rubinstein left Poland, where she
was born in 1872 for Australia, at the age of 24.
She belonged to Jewish orthodox family. When she
saw the heat and dryness ravaged Australian
ladies, she came up with the idea of selling her
skin cream and soon she became a hit. She opened
her first beauty salon in Melbourne in 1902, the
year that women first obtained the right to vote
in Australia.
3.Ela Gandhi, the grand daughter of Gandhiji is a
peace activist. She was born on July 1st,1940 and
was a Member of Parliament in South Africa from
1994 to 2004.She worked as a social worker with
the Verulam Child and Family Welfare Society for
15 years and also with the Durban Indian Child and
Family Welfare Society for 5 years.
4. Surekha Yadav, Asia’s first motor woman who is
today India’s first mail driver too, will pilot the
5.Renu Khator(born on 29, January 1955) holds the dual
titles of Chancellor of the University of Houston System
and President of U.H. The U.H.system’s first woman
Chancellor and the first Indian immigrant to head a
comprehensive research university in the United States,
she assumed her post in January, 2008.
6.Hideka Kunii is first woman director on Honda Board.
She is the first foreigner also named to its all Japanese
and all male roster of board members, in diversifying
its executive ranks and helping to catch up with rival
Japanese car makers.
7.Shikha Sharma (born on November 19, 1960) is the
Managing Director and C.E.O, of Axis Bank.
8.Saroj Khan(born on November 22, 1950) is one of the
most prominent Indian dance choreographers in Hindi
cinema. She choreographed more than 200 films. She has
won Filmfare best choreography awards 8 times. Her father
was a Punjabi and mother a Sindhi.
9.Hypatia(born AD 370) was an Alexandrine Greek Neoplatonist
philosopher in Egypt, who was the first well documented woman
in Mathematics. As head of the Platonist school at Alexandria,
she also taught philosophy and astronomy. She was the daughter
of the mathematician Theon Alexandricus. She imparted
knowledge of Plato and Aristotle, to students of Platonist
school at Alexandria.She was educated at Athens.
10.Savithribai Phule(1831 to 1897) was the first female
teacher of the first women’s school in India and also
considered as the pioneer of modern Marathi poetry. In
1852, she opened a school for untouchable girls.


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