Spiritual Corner.

The Cow Principle.
1.The entire chemistry of the creation is presided
over by the Cow principle.The cow is called GO in
Sanskrit. GO is a compound sound of GA and O. GA
stands for Jupiter and O stands for Sun.
Invocation of the word into will, thought,
expression and action means milking of the cow.
2.Four is the prominent number.
Shri Guru Dattatreya is accompanied by 4 dogs
which represent the 4 vedas-Rig, Sama, Yajur and
4 yugas are Krita, Treta , Dwapara and
Kali yuga.
4 States of the world are-Para(beyond),Pashyanti
(perception-inner and outer), Madhyama(conception-
speeches and actions) and Vaikhari(vocal).
4 states of existence are-existence, awareness,
thought and speech or action.
Jainism distinguishes 4 different states of existence,
that of the celestial, the infernal,human and animals.
It is the 4th number that stays the same, when
written upside down. The others 3 are-0,1 and 8.


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