Being Human.

1.Gift life. Donate blood.
What could be more humane a thing than being
able to gift someone with life!
2.Forgive and forget.
Once you have forgiven, forgetting the same
will become much easier thing to do! Also, you
will find people respecting you for your astuteness
and maturity in actions.
3.Be a kid with kids.This way, you not only get to
relive those precious days but also move closer to
their innocent heart.
4.Express concern. Extend help.Help is a broad word
which holds infinite importance in being human.
5.Follow your heart. Find fulfillment.
Celebrate few moments with those little ones who
have no one to celebrate life with.
6.Speak out.Support the truth and oppose anything
that’s absolutely wrong.It sounds simple, but it
requires a true human to follow his heart.
7.Respect environment. Reward yourself.Protecting
the environment is not a task or a job, but is a
responsibility to be fulfilled with honesty in heart.
8.Show respect towards people of all races and beliefs
and receive in return.Share compassion.
9.Pledge against animal products.From wool that we
peel off, to silk that we make and the leather that
we show off with all its dignity; we often tend to
forget the painful story that form the product’s
10.Be humble.Behave modest.A little bit of calmness
in behaviour can bring a lot of difference.
11.Spread a smile that goes a mile. An honest and
genuine smile is the best emotion you can ever offer
to someone.
12.Distribute food. Donate smiles.Hunger is a miserable
feeling and you can save many people from this by offering
them good food to eat. Let your celebration end with an
act of goodness.


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