Quotes of Flavia Weedn

1.As the beauty of each sunset marks the passage
of time, every sunrise holds the promise of all
that is to come.
2.Each new year gives us a chance to become more
than we ever imagined.
3.In every single moment, there is significance.
Wonder is sprinkled all around us.
4.Hope is that one single star you can always find
in a dark and cloudy sky.
5.No matter where life’s journey takes us, we’re
all connected by the same beautiful sky.
6.Within each of us, there are wings.
Let your spirit take flight.
7. To believe in love, is to bring the stars,
within reach.
8.Love with abandon and let your heart be free.
9.Never be afraid to dream, for, the simplest
dream can take you where your heart yearns to go.
10. Even in the darkest storm, there are millions
of stars smiling down upon you and offering their
11.Faith is the silent caretaker of your dreams.
12.You are more than what you achieve. You are
what you dream.
13.The sun will always smile in the heavens
and hold our tomorrows like a secret treasure
just waiting to be discovered.
14.Make a wish. Your dreams are waiting.
15.From sunrise to starry night, life holds the
promise of miracles.
16.Look to the stars, look to the heavens…
then look into your heart and you will always
find your way.
17.Within your mind and heart are the keys to
open any door.
18.Each of us is given a measure of time that
gives more than it ever takes away.
19.We are the searchers, the silent music makers
the followers of dreams.
20.Watch for a shooting star and remember that
simple joys brings abundant pleasures.
21.Love is the silent link between heart and mind,
and the silver thread that ties two souls together.
22.Somewhere up in the sky an iridescent web of
clouds, stars and moonlight holds all of our
23.Every person you meet, has a lesson to teach.
Let your spirit be open to life’s hidden messages.
24.Beauty can be found in beginnings as well as in
endings; for, they are each a part of life’s journey.
25.We are never alone in this world, for, we are all
connected by heartstrings and hope.
26.When those who know us best, believe in us, they
give hope to our hearts and strength to our dreams.
27.The years go by and love grows with each memory
we make.
28.Let us look to earth and to the heavens and
remember how much we have to be thankful for.
29.Each of us has been given the precious freedom
to dance to the music of our dreams.
30.Cherish your dreams. Follow your passions. They
are the guiding hands of your heart.
31.Life is the music that dances through our days,
our nights and our years.
32.You are a bright spirit and you have a unique
purpose here on earth.
33.Time is a stairway the soul climbs on a pathway
to the stars.
34.Savor these days and nights; for, they will never
come back again.
35.Life is made up of hopes and memories and silent
wishes; only the heart can hear.
36.In every ordinary day, there are a thousand
37.As the sun lights up the moon, love has the power
to illuminate our hearts.
38.Life is a gift whose value increases with each
mountain we climb and each new star we reach for.
39.Trust in the promise of time and you’ll see
that the heavens hold wonderful surprises for us all.
40.Believe in guardian angels. They believe in you
and are forever by our side.
41.The power of faith and the strength of hope are
always there to light your way.
42. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze
43.When two hearts wish on the same brilliant star,
the heavens are always listening.
44.Catch the wind, taste the rain and touch all of
your tomorrows.
45.When we cherish time, we cherish the very soul
of the world.
46.Life’s road, born of wonder, is an endless
journey of dreams and new beginnings.
47.Love is the light within you, that can never be
put out.
48.A friend is someone who holds you close through
sunshine and through storm.
49.The calendar spills days like sands in an hourglass
and each new morning holds a promise in its hands.
50.If the heavens brought you a star, each time you
touched someone’s heart, the tapestry of the midnight
sky would be yours.
51.Into every heart, love offers a glimpse of heaven.
52.Life is a wonderful gift, tied with ribbons of
laughter, love and joy.
53.Welcome the season of wonder, when the spirit of
belief takes flight and love can be felt around the
54.As the heavens shine, down upon the earth, we are
all embraced by an infinite love.


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