Translation of letters and words in English into other languages.

Y=Yes (in Konkani).
G=Yes,Sir(in Hindi)
E=You(in Kannada)
AK=Why(in Kannada).
KB=Ear(in Tulu).
BC=Hot(in Kannada).
CD=Burst(in Kannada).
BD=Set free(in Kannada).
KD=One who does wicked deeds(in Kannada).
ED=Keep(in Kannada).
Call=Leg(in Kannada).
Car=Leg(in Tulu).
Monday=Head(in Tulu).
Boot=Proud(in Tulu).
Fool=Flower (in Hindi).
Char=Four (in Hindi).
Punch=Five(in Sanskrit).
Moor=Three(in Kannada).
Moon=Three(in Malayaali).
Who=Flower(in Kannada).
Mar=Beating(in Hindi).
ill=House(in Tulu).
Pet=Stomach(in Hindi).
Cook=Mango(in Tulu).
My=Body(in Tulu).
Luck=Stand up(in Tulu).
Neck=Lick(in Tulu).
Mean=Fish (in Kannada).
More=Peacock(in Hindi).
Curry=Black; elephant;fry(in Kannada).
Mass=Month(in Kannada);meat(in Tulu).
Code=Bony growth sticking out of the
heads of cattle, sheep and deer(in Kannada).
Cane=Listen(in Tulu).
Pun=Speak or utter(in Tulu).
Thin=Eat(in Tulu).
Band=Musical instrument(in Tulu).
Coal=Stick (in Kannada).
Note=Paper currency(in Kannada).
Hit=Powder(in Kannada).
Nook=Push(in Tulu).
Cup=Black(in Kannada).
Monk=not wise(in Kannada).
moose=Perceive by means of nose(in Tulu).
Bug=Bend(in Kannada).
Are=They(in Tulu);Six(in Kannada).
Mull=Here(in Tulu).
Munch=Cot(in Kannada).
Bell=Jaggery(in Kannada).
Thug=Below(in Kannada).
Comb=Not hard; breakable(in Tulu).
Beck=Cat (in Kannada).
Mega=Son(in Kannada).
All=She(in Tulu).
Muggy=Arithmetical tables (in Kannada).
Wish=Poison(in Kannada).
Harsh=Happiness(in Kannada).
Mouth=Death(in Hindi).
Bath=Rice(in Hindi).
Bus=Enough(in Hindi).
Ban=Forest (in Hindi).
Hurry=Rip apart(in Kannada)
Con=Ear(in Hindi).
Bear=Root(in Kannada).
Calm=Duty or job(in Hindi).
Bar=Paddy(in Tulu).
Good=Jaggery( in Hindi).
Gum=Grief, sorrow(in Hindi).
Come=Less(in Hindi).
Roam=Hair on the skin of the humans(in Kannada).
Doll=To put(in Hindi); musical instrument (in Kannada).
Bin=Without(in Hindi).
lunch=bribery(in Kannada).
mug=Child; son.(in Kannada).
ugly=next(in Hindi).
Bone=trap for catching mouse(in Kannada).
Vani Hegde.


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