Why Ganesha idol is immersed in water?


Ganesha is OM, the primeval sound or the first

”vaak”(sound in sanskrit). Nirguna (formless) Para Brahma

takes the form of Ganesha.

Clay and water is mixed to give form to the formlessness.

For the majority of people it is not possible to worship Brahma,

who is formless. They need a form to pray, to cry and to take


The idol of Ganesha is sculpted out of mud and after the

festival, it is returned to  the Earth, by immersing it in a

nearby water body. As per Hindu scriptures, the clay idols of

any god (idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga) should

be immersed in water after worshipping.

This is  to accept the eternal cosmic law that  which

took form has to become formless again. Each year Ganesha

comes to teach us that forms change but the Supreme Truth

remains the same. The act also symbolizes the concept of Moksha

or liberation.



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