Do you know?

1.Om as the sound symbol of the Absolute, is called

Anahata(which means the uncreated word vibration)

not produced on account of friction while all other

vibrations are produced on account of friction. It is

self created, a total field of energy, neither blind nor

mechanical but profoundly intelligent. It is the blueprint

and the element of the universe. The cosmic sound as the

ocean of energetic vibrations, has infinite creative intelligence

and capability. Both mind and matter are diverse states

of energy.


2.Rama means ”R”avanasya ”ma”ranam iti Rama.

Ravana means a mind that moves away from the nucleus of

all energy, drifting away by the centrifugal force, dissipating

mental energies  in all ten directions. Ravana can be defeated/

destroyed only when one takes shelter in Rama. So ”One” under

whom  Ravana automatically dies is ”Rama”.

Author:Shri Ananda Murthy,

3.The first nuclear scientist in the world was an Indian, says Kanad.

The name of Kanad, who studied about  atomic particles, was being

taught in China and Russia. But in India, he was never mentioned

in any text books.

In the ancient times, India had 49 civilizations. The number however

decreased  to just three.

The area of India  in the past was around 76 lakh square  kilometres.

However, that was reduced to a mere 31 lakh square kilometres,

due to foreign invasions.

Author-Vidyananda Shenoy.

4.Prophet Mohammad   called Haj,”the supreme act of worship”.

While other acts of worship are about  remembering God, Haj is

about reaching Him. When pilgrims stand before the Kabah, it is

as though they are standing before God Himself.

The 4,000 years old Kabah, a rectangular building , the focal point

of Haj, was built by Prophet Abraham. In a corner is the Black Stone

originally set, there by Prophet Abraham. It is the only relic of the

original building.

5. Titanic was the first ship to use  the S.O.S.(international signal for

distress adopted in 1912)The ship struck the iceberg and sank in

April of that year.

6. Instead of spraying harmful insecticides and pesticides, go in for

mixed gardening, where one can inter-craft onion, garlic, mint, coriandar

or even marigold plants hich emit a very strong odour, that drives away

insects and pests.Alternatively you can use neem oil as pesticides or

select  pest-resistant vaieties of  seeds.

7.Denmark has the oldest flag which dates back to 13th century(1219)

8.Ostiches can run faster than horses and the male ostriches can

roar like lions.



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