A diamond symbolizes love and everlasting beauty.

Radiance is at the heart of every diamond. Shape

and facets provide a diamond’s ability to reflect light.

A well-cut diamond maximizes the amount of light

that enters and exits from the top of the stone.

The unit of weight for diamond is carat. All diamonds

are unique with their own individual marks. The visibility

number and size of these marks determine a diamond’s

clarity, grade and value. A diamond’s colour usually refers

to the presence or absence of colour in a white diamond.

The less colour in the diamond, higher the quality.

X 3 diamonds are the certified diamonds by the  International

Gemological Institute  to have excellent polish, excellent

symmetry and excellent cut to produce brilliant sparkle

and shine.

The four ”c”s of diamonds are-caratage, cut, clarity and colour.

Diamond consists of pure carbon and it’s molecular structure

bond that makes it very durable and hard to break. In diamond,

each molecule is connected to 4 others at equal angles in space.

All bonds are of the same strength and there are no weak points.

Hope Diamond is deep blue diamond   and housed in the Smithsonian

National History  Museum in Washington D.C.

Kohinoor diamond is set into the Crown of Queen Elizabeth and

is on display at  the Tower of London.



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