Spiritual Corner.


The world is of change.Self is of no change.

You have to rely on no-change (Self) and accept the change.(World)

If you are certain that everything is uncertain, then, you are liberated.

Uncertainty about matter, brings certainty about the conciousness.

Certainty about the relative world, creates dullness.

uncertainty about the Self,  creates fear.

Acting in uncertainty  makes life a game, a challenge.

Wallowing in uncertainty is  letting go.

-Sri Sri Ravishankar.

Who am I ?

If someone asks ”Who are you ?’ our response would be ,

”Oh, my name is so and so  and I’m an Indian or I am the

President of this company”etc. All these answers refer to

your self-image or to an object outside your self:-a name,

a place, a circumstance. This process  of identifying with

your self image or the objects of your experience is called


You may identify with your body and say,”this is my body.

This bag of flesh and bones is who I am.” But the body you

call yours, is really the raw material of this universe:-recycled

earth,water and air; and so is the tree  outside your window.

So you can assume  you are physically located in a body, you

are aware of.

No scientific  experiment has ever found a centre of the

skin-encapsulated awareness in any location of the body,

in space or time.

-Deepak Chopra.


Life, at the level of senses, represents existence at low level.

The force of Maya(illusion) holds man bound to this level of

existence, where he oscillates  between joy and sorrow, pleasure

and pain and the entire host of the ”pairs of opposites.”

The aim of Yoga is to master the senses so as to be able to

steer them at will from or towards their objects.



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