Cloud Catches the Convict.

In a village there were two friends, namely A and B.

They decided to go to nearby town to earn money.

They engaged in business and earned a lot of money.

Now they decided to go home and settle in life.

While returning home they had to cross a forest.

They were tired and decided to take rest under the

shadow of a tree. Both of them fell asleep.After

sometime A woke up.A wicked thought entered his mind.

He wanted to seize the money of B. He lifted a big rock

lying there and dropped it on his friend who was sleeping.

The friend woke up and said,”You  need not think that no

one is seeing your wicked deed.The cloud above is the witness

to prove your killing.”So saying, B died.A laughed at his words

and went home carrying the money of B. After reaching  the

village, A married a suitable girl and settled in life. One day

A was sitting in the corridor of the house and looked at the sky.

He saw the clouds floating in the sky and remembering his friend’s

words laughed loudly. At that moment his wife came there

and asked him why he was laughing. He refused to tell her

anything but after insisting a lot, he told her everything and

asked her not to say the secret to anyone. The wife could not

keep the secret  for long. She revealed the story to her most

trusted friend after getting promise from her not to tell the

secret to anybody else. But the friend told the story to her

beloved friend and gradually the story reached the police

who came to enquire  A about the position of B. The police

were able to find out the truth about B and arrested A.Thus

the cloud caught the convict.

This story is from ”Chandamama”, the chilldren’s monthly

kannada magazine, which I used to read in my childhood days.


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