Do you know?


Everybody has their own  weapon, be it a sharp tongue,

lethal looks or big biceps(muscle power).


Art is something that speaks for itself and needs no



As a device of communication, the cartoon is unique;

image,text,view point are all combined with creativity,

imagination and of course, humour.

The seven star constellation which wanders  around the

pole star is known in seven different ways across the world.

Ancient Chinese called it a Celestial Bureaucrat.

Greeks viewed it as a Great Bear.

People from Central Asia called it a Tethered Horse.

In Mediaeval Europe, it was called a Wagon.

North Americans called it Big Dipper.

In England it was viewed as a Plough.

In India it is called Saptarshi Mandala(seven sages

form the circle) and linked with the names of seven

great sages(Marichi,Vasishtha,Angirasa,Athri,Pulasthya,

Pulaaha and Kruthu) of Indian mythology.

QWERTY keyboard(universal keyboard in computer)

was invented by C.L.Sholes in 1872. The name QWERTY

comes from the first 6 letters in the top row.


Death is slipping away of all that is not ours.

Recording Angel.

In Hindu mythology, he is Chitragupta. He is a traditional

figure in Judaism,Christianity and Islam, who watches over

individuals, marking their actions ”on a tablet” for future

reward or punishment. Gabriel is the heavenly messenger

of God.


DNA is a large molecule which controls life process and carries

genetic information.Each DNA is made up of protein, the function

of which depends on its structure.Human body has 30,000 genes.

DNA stores information needed to specify an organism.

Jing=respect(Chinese language)-refers to surname.


White contains all the colours of the spectrum. Yet it seems

colourless. That is the most strange and unbelievable quality

of white.

Yeti=Airlines  of Nepal.

Flemingo mountains on the outskirts of Turfan in north west

China’s Xinjiang province, has healing hot sands that cures ailments.

Magsaysay Award is Asia’s version of the Nobel Prize.

Ants manage to survive in the microwave.

Penguin’s feet don’t freeze.

Brain weighs about 3 pounds but uses 20percent of our  blood

and oxygen.

1 degree celcius =1.8 degree Farenheit.

Santhara= The Jain ritual of fasting to death.

Mona Lisa(Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting) was the wife of a

wealthy Florentine businessman Francisco del Giocondo

who commissioned Da Vinci to paint his wife.(during 1503 to 1506)

You can tell how aggressive a person is by the size of his/her

index finger.

People with red hair feel more pain than brunettes.



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