Indian banks, their symbol and slogans.

1).Allahabad Bank:
Symbol means Triveni Sangam of Ganga,Yamuna
and Saraswati at Allahabad.
Slogan:A tradition of trust.
2.)Andhra Bank:
Symbol of infinity denotes a Bank that is
prepared to do anything and to go to any
lengths for the customer.The blue pointer
on the top represents the philosophy of a
Bank that is always looking for growth and
newer directions.The key hole represents
safety and security.The chain indicates
togetherness.The colours blue and red denote
dynamism and solidity.
Slogan:Much more to do with ”U” in focus.
3).Bank of Baroda:
Symbol is a unique representation of a universal
symbol. It comprises dual ”B”letter forms that
hold the rays of the rising sun,namely ”Baroda Sun.”
The sun is the excellent representation of what the
Bank stands for.It is the single most powerful source
of light and energy; its far reaching rays dispel
darkness to illuminate everything they touch. The
single colour,compelling vermillion palette has
been chosen for its distinctiveness as it stands for
hope and energy.
Slogan: India’s international Bank.
4).Bank of India:
Symbol is Goddess Lakshmi, inside the star.It means
your money will increase by the blessings of Maa(mother)
Lakshmi and safe inside the star.Stars represent branches
spread all over the world, like stars everywhere in the
sky and that all customers are like family members.
Slogan:Relationship beyond banking.
5).Bank of Maharashtra:
Symbol is made up of the following 4 items-
1)The Deepmaal(garland of lamps)with its many lights
rising to greater heights.
2)The pillar symbolizes strength.
3)The ”diyas”(lamps) refer to branches of the Bank
and symbolize services.
4)The 3 ”M”s symbolize mobilisation of money,
modernisation of methods and motivation of Bank’s
Slogan:One family,one Bank.
6).Canara Bank:
Symbol is a set of 2 interlinked triangles.It
represents the bond between the Bank and its many
stake holders-from customers and employees to
investors, institutions and society at large. The
colour palette and typography have been carefully
chosen.The rich blue represents stability,scale
and depth.This contrasts with accents of bright
yellow that evokes optimism, warmth and energy.
Slogan:Together we can build a better life
around us.
7).Corporation Bank:
Bank’s logo(symbol) has various components, namely
Kamadhenu,(denoting wishfulfilment) Kalpataru,
(eternity)Balance,(justice for all)Wheel,
(industrial progress)and Wheat grain(agricultural
prosperity) which stands for universal prosperity
and as a wish-fulfilling credo.The logo in its
present form was incorporated in 1972 when the
name of the bank was changed from Canara Banking
Corporation(Udupi)Ltd to Corporation Bank.
Slogan:Prosperity for All.
8)Central Bank of India:
The four squares in the symbol of the bank
represent the four focal points, namely Man,Finance,
Industry and Nation, evolving their harmonious
inter-relationships on which the Bank focusses the
services rendered by it vis-a-vis its role in the
economy.The bars that join the squares effectively
depict the said focal points of the Bank.
Slogan:Central to you since 1911.
9).Dena Bank:
Symbol of Dena Bank depicts Goddess Lakshmi, the
goddess of wealth according to Hindu Mythology.
Slogan:Trusted Family Bank.
The image(symbol) is used to identify the
organisation I.D.B.I.(Industrial Development
Bank of India) a subject of public interest.
Slogan:Banking for All.
11).Indian Bank:
The symbol means to spread branches everywhere
to spread smiles.
Slogan:Taking banking technology to the common man.
12).Indian Overseas Bank:
The symbol consists of simple geometric shape
and/text which symbolises collective growth.
Slogan:Good people to grow with.
13).Oriental Bank of Commerce:
Symbol:VISA and ViSA hologram are printed on the
face of it.
Slogan:Where every individual is committed.
14).Punjab National Bank:
Symbol:First letter of the word Punjab is in Hindi.
Slogan:A name you can bank upon.
15).Syndicate Bank:
The symbol of dog implies that Bank is trustworthy
and a friend.
Slogan:Your faithful and friendly financial partner.
The symbol of the Bank consists of a pair of clasped
hands covered with an octagonal structure. we can say
that it is the symbol of protecting one’s trust with
two hands and it depicts a sense of security in the
customer’s mind.
Slogan:Honours your trust.
17).Union Bank of India:
Symbol consists of two letters of ”U”interlocked
into one another.The symbol weaves around the word
”union” from the name of the Bank, which has stood
for integrity, security,strength and partnership.
Colour blue represents commitment to service and red
the passion for work by the staff members.
Slogan:Good people to bank with.
18).United Bank of India:
Symbol means unite the customer with Bank for better
future and growth.
Slogan:The Bank that begins with ”U”.
19)Vijaya Bank:
Symbol of a man implies ”your partner in progress”.
Slogan:A friend you can bank upon.
20).State Bank of India:
The symbol is a blue circle with a small cut in the
bottom that depicts perfection and the common man
being the centre of Bank’s business.
Slogans:”Pure Banking,nothing else.”
”The Nation Banks on us.”
”With You-All the Way”
”Bank of the Comman Man.
”The Banker to Every Indian.”
Taglines of other Banks in India:
1)Axis Bank:
The name of U.T.I.(Unit Trust of India)Bank
has been changed to Axis Bank.The new logo
of the Axis Bank represent the ”A”from
the Axis Bank. The current existing name was
fixed in order to avoid verbal confusions,
as many firms were operated in the name which
is similar to U.T.I. The Axis Bank is the first
Indian Bank having TCDC(Travel Currency Debit
Card)cards in 11 currencies.
Slogan of the Bank:Every thing is the same
except the name.
2)Bank of Rajastan:Dare to dream.(slogan)
The logo consists of the historic Victory Tower
of Chittorgarh(Rajasthan), the rising sun and
sand dunes in a circular shape of coin. The
victory tower, a symbol of warrior Land of
Rajasthan, where the Bank was founded.The Tower
denotes supremacy, the spledor and being
outstanding. The rising sun symbolizes hopes,
unlimited scope for progress and growth. The
Sand Dunes represent the state of Rajasthan
where the Bank came into being. The coin
denotes economic activity, particularly Banking.
Bank of Rajasthan merged with ICICI Bank in 2010.
3)Catholic Syrian Bank:Support all the way.
The logo was to create new image for the Bank
and to instill the feelings of dynamism and
optimism among the bank staff.The logo has
curves which formed the ‘C,S and B’and was
designed to communicate harmony,stability
and continuity. The design also could be seen as
a tripple effect to progress. There was an
intentional effort not to make it symmetrical and
thus stagnant.
4)Centurion Bank of Punjab:To rejoice working,
join us.(Slogan)
Logo is CBoP(Centurion Bank of Punjab.)The Bank
merged with HDFC Bank on May 23,2008.
5)City Union Bank:Trust and Excellence since 1904.
CUB is the logo which is the shortened form of City
Union Bank.
6)Dhanlakshmi Bank:Tann,Mann,Dhan.(=body,mind and
Purple is the new colour of the new logo which the bank
claims signifies wealth and prosperity. The image of
Goddess Lakshmi in the old logo is retained in the
new logo because there is a lot of heritage to the
name of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth.This means that
While modernizing the logo,core value of trust is
7)Federal Bank:Your perfect banking partner.(Slogan)
Logo:We make things happen.
8)H.D.F.C.Bank:We understand your world.(slogan)
Motto:To provide a package of attractive financial
service for housing purpose according to the
National goal of providing decent housing for all.
Times group was merged with HDFC on February 2000
and Centurion Bank of Punjab merged with HDFC on
May 2008.
9)ICICI Bank:Hum hai na!!(We are at your service)
Logo ”ICICI Bank” and logo ”1-man” are trademark
and property of ICICI Bank.
10)IndusInd Bank:We make you feel richer.(Slogan)
Motto:Perfection in Power.The Bank derives its name
from the Indus Valley civilization.The bank has tied
up with HDFC Bank Ltd to bring best home loan services
to its customers.
Ashok Leyland Finance Ltd was merged with IndusInd
Bank Ltd on June 17,2004.
11)ING Vysya Bank:Jiyo(live)easy.-Slogan.
Logo:ING is an abbreviation of ”Inernational
Netherland Group” and lion in the logo is
derived from various logos of predecessor
companies.ING Vysya Bank is a part of ING
Group, a global financial institution of Dutch
origin offering banking, insurance and asset
management to over 60 million private,corporate
and institutional clients.
12)Jammu and Kashmir Bank:Serving to empower.
Logo:The three coloured squares represent the
regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. The form
created by the interaction of the squares is a
falcon with outstretched wings- a symbol of power
and empowerment. Green signifies growth and renewal.
Blue conveys stability and unity and red represents
energy and power.
13)Karnataka Bank:Your family Bank across India.
Logo:One triangle with another inverted triangle
over it. It is the symbol of Lord Ganesha.
14)Karur Vysya Bank:Smart way to bank.(Slogan)
Logo:Adopt technology to introduce innovative
products on an on-going basis and provide them at
reasonable rates.
15)Kotak Mahindra Bank:Let’s make money simple.
Logo:The symbol of infinite ”Ka” reflects infinite
number of ways to meet a variety of needs.
The ”Ka” is uniquely Indian while its curve
forms the infinity sign which is universal.
16)Laxmi Vilas Bank:The changing face of prosperity.
Logo:Come, walk the path of Lakshmi and celebrate
her blessings,wisdom,growth,contentment and a life
full of rich meaning.
17)Nainital Bank:Banking with personal touch.(Slogan)
Logo:To emerge as a customer centric National Bank.
The bank was merged with Bank of Baroda in 2006.
18)Saraswat Bank:Service to the Common Man!(Slogan)
Logo:Think global, act local.
19)South Indian Bank:Experience Next Generation
New logo:In the erstwhile logo of the bank, the
unique picture is that of coconut tree. The fronds
of the coconut palm form the basic theme of new logo.
The sharp ends of the fronds are smoothened,thickened
and twisted to form ”S,”denoting South Indian Bank.
Thus the new logo has the continuity from the erstwhile
logo.It can also be seen as two hands clinging to a
strong pillar in the middle. The pillar is the
institution. The upper hand represents the customers
and the lower hand symbolizes the staff members. ”S”
also projects as a Safe,Solid,Smart,Strong,Secular,
Shining,Schooled,Successful and Straightforward Bank.
The Corporate colour is cardinal red. Red represents
energy,creativity,warmth and love.The new identity is
to pronounce the warm relationship with the customers.
20)Yes Bank:Experience our expertise.(Slogan)
”Say Yes to Trust”(logo)
Taglines of Foreign Banks in India.
1)ABN(Algemene Bank Netherland)-AMRO(the first two
letters of each town namely Amsterdam and Rotterdam
make up AMRO) Bank.
The green and yellow shield logo has been used as a
brand for the Bank and all its subsidiaries.
Slogan:Making More Possible.
2)Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank:
Our Vision Your Future.(Slogan)
Vision:To build a partnership with the
customers that lasts a lifetime.
3)Bank of Ceylone(BOC):
The Bank You Can Trust.(Slogan)
Vision:Bankers to the nation.
Mission:To foster most rewarding
relationship with trust and reliability
for the customers, exceeding their
4)BNP Paribas Bank:
The Bank for a changing world.(Slogan)
Mission is to provide compelling customer
solutions creatively.
5)CITI Bank:
The CITI never sleeps.(Slogan)
Motto is to work tirelessly to serve
individuals,communities and nations.
6)Chinatrust Commercial Bank:
We Are Family.(Slogan)
Vision:To strive to meet the exacting
standards of the customers by becoming
highly performance bank.
7)Deutsche Bank:
A Passion to Perform.(Slogan)
Vision:To be a leading global investment
bank with a strong and profitable private
clients franchise.
8)HSBC Bank:
The World’s Local Bank.(Slogan)
Vision:To be leading international bank
in Turkey.
9)JPMorgan Chase Bank:
The Right Relationship is Everything.(Slogan)
Vision:To be the best financial
services company in the world.
10)Standard Chartered Bank:
Vision:To play a key role in stimulating
economic and social development through the
services we provide by being a force for good.
Your Right Partner.(Slogan)
11)Scotia Bank:
You’re richer than you think.(Slogan)
Vision:To be a leading financial services provider,
based in Canada, by being the best at helping
customers to become financially better off.

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