Salute to the soldiers.

A soldier is a man of distinguished courage
or ability, admired for his heroic deeds and
noble qualities.
The primary mission of the soldiers is
to ensure the national security and defence
of the nation from external aggression and threats
and to maintain peace and security within the
border of the country.They do their duties without
the thoughts of reward or recognition.They have a
diverse range of duties depending on their job titles.
Also the soldiers conduct rescue operations during
natural calamities and other disturbences. They save
the stranded people during flash floods and
landslides. Soldiers have unique responsibilities
depending on rank, duty position and even
geographical location.Indian army has been an active
participant in numerous United Nations Peace Keeping
Soldiers make themselves human shields to protect
civilians from attackers.They are employed to restore
law and order in a region of chaos.A soldier is
someone who risks his life to save others whom
he don’t know.Soldiers attack only those who fire
on them first.Considering the circumstances they
are put in,what soldiers do is really heroic and


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