Useful Informations.

1)The environment created at home by the parents
has a great impact on a child’s personality.
Firmness combined with kindness has a deeper
and lasting impact on them. Harsh and aggressive
orders cause resentment.Children resent injustice
but are unable to voice their feelings. They react
with undesirable behaviour.
2)SLEEP=Stress Level Elimination Exercise Plan.
3)Life is too short to be taken seriously and
too precious to be taken lightly.
4)Singing can stop snoring.
5)The Oak tree is useless, but it grows tall
and beautiful and provides shade and sustenance
to others; had it been useful, it would have been
cut long ago and made into tables and chairs.
Old and economically unproductive are useless but
we can seek to benefit from their wisdom and experience.
6)Learn to communicate effectively. In communication
7% is what you say; 38% is how you say it; and 55%
depends on the body language. During a talk, hold
your thoughts and build a comprehensive response
rather than a knee jerk response.
-Manoj Lekhi.
7)Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.
It wakes up the brain cells. It’s a way of looking
at life through the wrong end of a telescope and
that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.
8)Music is the shield and sustenance against the
incessant blows from the world.
9)Nature of ”Self”–The ”Self” is like a mirror
that reflects the entire universe. Although a mirror
reflects the images of countless objects,it does not
retain any of them; in fact it remains detached and
indifferent to the objects it reflects. Similarly,
although a person is absorbed in love, lust, anger,
pride, arrogance, avarice and illusion, the ”Self”
remains detached, pure, luminous, untarnished and
10)Home contaminated with toxic chemicals:
Study of common household dust reveals hazardous
chemicals exist in textiles,cosmetics,upholstery,
computers, pesticides and other products. These
chemicals damage the development of the nervous
system and also harm the immune and reproductive
system.-says the study titled ”Sick of Dust.”(U.S.)
Source: Collection.


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