Fun With Letters.

A.B. Amitabh Bachchan; Andhra Bank.
B.B. Benazir Bhutto;Bank of Baroda.
C.B. Canara Bank.
D.B. Dena Bank.
E.B. Exim Bank.
F.B. Federal Bank; Face Book.
G.B. Gautam Buddha.
H.B. Homi Bhabha.
I.B. Indian Bank.
J.B. Jagadishchandra Bose.(scientist of India)
K.B. Karnataka Bank; Kabir Bedi.(actor)
L.B. Lal Bahaddur.(ex P.M. of India)
M.B. Mamata Bannerjee(chief minister of west Bengal);
Munna Bhai.(name of a film)
N.B. Not Bad.
O.B. Overseas Banks.
P.B. Point Blank.
Q.B. Queen Bee.
R.B. Rural Banks.
S.B. Sai Baba; Saira Bhanu.(actress)
T.B. Tunga Bhadra.(name of the river)
U.B. Union Bank; Uma Bharathi.(politician cum sadhvi)
V.B. Vijaya Bank;Vyshya Bank.
W.B. World Bank;West Bengal.
X.B. Ex Boss.
Y.B. Yellow Belly.(coward)
Z.B. Zandu Balm.(an Ayurvedic remedy for head ache, body ache and cold)
Add ”N” and change the meaning.
Bed——-Bend. Me———-Men.
Eat——-Neat. Mice——–Mince.
Hit——-Hint. Price——-Prince.
He——–Hen. Sad———Sand.
What they mean for me.
BA.=Bangalore. KA.=Karnataka.SA=South America.
JA.=Japan.GA.=Goa.TA.=Tamilnadu. W.A.—-Washington.
What they mean in Tulu language.
What they mean in Hindi.
What they mean in English.
B=Bee. C=Sea. I=Eye. N=Yen. P=Pea. T=Tea. S=Yes. U=You.
V=We. X=Ex. Y=Why W=Double You.
4=for, 2=to.
–Collection by Vani Hegde.
Do you know?
1.The 7th letter in Alphabet is the first letter in the name of GOD.
2.Vanamaali means Lord Vishnu, who wears the garland of basil leaves.
There are 3 distinct varieties of Basil/Tulasi.”Vana”, which grows
wild in the forests; ”Krishna” which is entirely purple and ”Rama”.
the most commonly found type.
3.Five elements are-Ether,Air, Fire,Water and Earth.
4.According to Greek mythology Atlas carries the earth on his shoulders
and Hercules carries the sky. According to Hindu mythology,Adishesha, the
thousand-hooded serpent king carries the earth on his head and whenever he
stirs earth-quakes result.Lord Vishnu rests on the bed of Anantha,the serpent.
Lord Shiva wears a snake named Vasuki on His neck.When Gods and demons churned
the ocean of milk(ksheera Samudra) to obtain Amrita,(elixir) Mount Meru was used as
churning tool and Vasuki, the serpent, became the churning rope.

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