Words that mean good and bad.

Animation.X Annihilation.
Blessing.X Betraying.
Centre.X Corner.
Donation.X Domination.
Elevate.X Eradicate.
Forbearance.X Furiousness.
Generous.X Genocide.
Heaven.X Humiliation.
Innovation.X Immolation.
Joking.X Jibing.
Kneeling.X Kicking.
Laughter.X Lacklustre.
Majestic.X Miscreant.
Noble.X Nuisance.
Obedience.X Offensive.
Prayer.X Persecutor.
Quiet.X Quarrelsome.
Righteous.X Rude.
Sharing.X Seizing.
Tolerance.X Torture.
Uphold.X Uproot.
Veneration.X Vengeance.
Wedding.X Withholding.
X’mas.X Xenophobia.(fear or
hatred of people from
other countries.)
Yogurt.X Yatsh.(Giant one-eyed demons
from the region of Pamir. They
ravage fields because they
despise agriculture.)
Zenith.X Zagan.(the demon of deceit and
By Vani Hegde.


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