What they reminds to me.

1)Meeting:When we go to meet our relatives and they
kick us and shut the door for us, we feel insulted
and take an oath that hereafter we never go again
to meet them. However, if we go on pilgrimage and
due to crowd or stampede, we are pushed away and
cannot meet God, we never take an oath,”Oh, God,
hereafter, I never come to your doorsteps to meet You.”
2)Bowing:Shri Rama, lifted up Shiva Dhanus(bow of Shiva) and
fulfilled Janaka’s(Father of Sita) condition to marry Sita.
During the marriage ceremony, Rama was standing erect,
holding his head up high, indicating that he was not prepared
to bow to anyone.When the sages accumulated there saw that Sita
could not reach his neck to put the garland, they sent his brother
Laxman to bow to the feet of Rama and seek his blessings.
Laxman knelt at Rama’s feet. Rama bowed his head to lift Laxman
and to bless him. At once Seeta placed the garland around the
bowed neck of Rama.
3)Vivah(Sanskrit word-meaning wedding)means very special dedication.
Vi= very special; Vah=to carry. The oath of dedication that the
bride and the groom take to each other is a contract that ”carries”
them along for the remainder of their lives.


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