Find the fragrance in English.

Quote of the day:
Be as vague as possible, to prevent irritating others.
Divine Corner.
1.In Prayer, you speak to God.In meditation, God
speaks to you.
-Brahma Kumaris.
2.Our mind is form based. Mind likes forms and gets
addicted to forms. When mind stops, it loses forms
and so its identity, paving the way for pure conciousness
to glow.
3.In life’s crusade, a man’s weapon are three.
Conviction that his cause is just; courage to strive till
eternity; compassion that embraces all humanity.
4.The blue hills, the blue sky and the blue swirling water!
Oh, Lord, thy bounty I perceive and portray with blue ink
on snow white paper.
views on different subjects.
1.Marriage is a man-made institution. It survives
because we have not been able to devise any better
man-woman relationship which would provide security
for their off-spring.It is not easy to keep a marriage
going; there is a lot of give and take involved.
The beauty of relationship lies in the fact that the
couple feel the need to work out their problems together.
Wherever the transparency between husband and wife is low,
the suspicion grows and trust reduces. Marriage has many
pains but celibacy has no pleasure.
2.Travel is an adventure and also an escape.
It is a search for self. Mystics, monks and pilgrims
always travel.
3.Photography is a sensitive human documentation of
situation; an art which speaks through images; a good
picture is like a window opening to the world.
4.In a Democracy , everybody counts; but nobody matters.
Do you know?
1.”T-shirt”-named so because of their design.
2.The word ”slogan” comes from ancient Gaelic
and just means ”battle cry”.
3.U.K.=Uttara Kannada(=Northern Karnataka in India).
4.NO1=No one.
5.CID=Consider It Done.


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