Find the fragrance in English.

1.If an egg is broken by outside force, a life ends.
If it breakes from within, a life begins.
Great things always begin from within.
2.You use a glass mirror to see your face;
you use works of art to see your soul.
-George Bernard Shaw.
3. A face has no value but a mask has a value.
(From the Kannada film, ”Yaare Kugadali”= bother
not if anybody shouts)
4.At 20 years of age, the Will reigns;
at 30, the Wit and at 40, the Judgement.
Benjamin Franklin.
5. Life is not fair; get used to it.
Bill Gates.
1. Don’t age fast;age gracefully.
2.Exercise has been known to release endorphin
that gives you a feeling of happiness.
3.If you are around people who are happy,their emotional
state will be infectuous.
4.Good life is not so much in having as in sharing.
We make a living by what we get but we make a life by
what we give.
Do you know?
1.”Namah” in Sanskrit literally means ”to bend”
(=bow down)
2. New Year’s Day which comes after Christmas Day
always fall on the same day of the following week.
3.2013 has been declared by the United Nations
General Assembly in December 2010 as ”International
Year of Water Co-operation; and as ”The International
Year of the Quinoa” in December 2011.
4. Global Family Day is celebrated around the world on
January 1st every year as a Global Day of Peace and Sharing.
5.Birthday of Vidya Balan, Indian film actress(January 1st, 1978)
6.January is named after ”Janus”, the god of doors and gates.
What they reminds me.
A.A.=Associate in Arts(A.A.)degree.
C.C.=Credit Card.
D.D=Demand Draft.
E.E.=Emergency Exit.
F.F.=Food Festival.
G.G.=Glamour Girl.
H.H.=Hero Honda (bike).
I.I.=Incredible India.
J.J.=Jumping Jack.
K.K.=King Kong.
L.L.=Love Life.
N.N.=Non Negotiable.
O.O.=Out of Order.
P.P.=Public Parking.
Q.Q.=Quarrelsome but Quiet.
R.R.=Rock & Roll.
S.S.=Sandy soil.
T.T.=Temple Town.
U.U.=Unknown Universe.
V.V.=Victory & Vendetta.
W.W.=World Wide.
X.X.=Doble Cross; Digit 20 (Roman numeral.)
Y.Y.=Yes,Yes in Konkani Language.
Z.Z.=Zero Zone.


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