Shrine of Subrahmanya in Shri Krishna temple at Udupi.

Shri Vadiraja Theertha is considered to be the second
highest saint in the Madhva hierarchy. The legend goes
that Sri Vadiraja Theertha was on a pilgrimage in North
India, worshipping his pattada devaru(deity of respective
monastery)”Bhoovaraha” in Delhi. However, soldiers of
the Emperor of Delhi objected, saying that the son of the
Emperor had been buried at the same place. Shri Vadiraja
replied that the son of Delhi Sultanate was not dead.
Upon hearing that, the Emperor rushed to the spot and as
Shri Vadiraja chanted mantras, the son of Emperor got up.
This prince was none other than the Great Mughal King Akbar
who respected Hindu religion.
Pleased by his supernatural powers, the Emperor Humayun gifted
him wealth which Vadiraja rejected and immersed the treasure
given to him in river Ganges. The Emperor then gave him
more wealth and sent it to Udupi with a request to use it
in the service of Lord Krishna at Udupi.Sri Vadiraja Theertha
planned to use it to thatch the roof of the temple of Shri
Krishna at Udupi.But Lord Krishna, who appeared in the dream
of Vadiraja,opposed the idea of building golden roof in Kaliyuga.
Accordingly the treasure was stored underground at the temple and
the shrine for Subrahmanya, the serpent god was installed on it.
Source:The discriptions and pictures on the walls of Sri Subrahmanya
temple and article in ”The Dakshina Times” dated July 7, 2011 and
other sources.


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