Views on different subjects.

1.The process of performing a role in a play/movie
is more than just portraying a character truthfully
and serving the script. It is about to learn about
yourself and the world and building compassion for
the way, other people approach life. It’s about
listening, staying curious and open to new things.
It is to discovering and digging deeper into yourself
and to find your own point of view.
–Noah Bean.(American actor)
2.A photograph never grows old.You and I change,
people change all through the months and years but
a photograph always remains the same. How nice to
look at a photo of a mother or father, taken many
years ago.You remember them as you see them.
-Albert Einstein.
3. According to Hindu scriptures, a husband is more
than just a life partner.He becomes her protector after
she leaves her parents home. Her husband provides her
with food, shelter, clothing, respectability, comfort
and happiness and so this bond is primarily a sacrosanct one.
4. People measure objects in 3 ways: length,width and depth.
These 3 ways of measuring are known as dimensions. Albert
threw in a fourth dimention–time; e.g., when measuring something
really big like outer space. To measure the size of outer space,
it takes time for something to travel through that space.
5.In spite of International ban on ivory trade,thousands of elephants
die each year so that their tusks can be carved into religious
objects. Religious art and ivory jewelry markets fuel ivory smuggling.

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