Health Corner.

1)Sound sleep is essential for both the elder and the
younger generation.Proper sleep helps in keeping the
elder’s health good and their body and soul together.
Sleeping with the head towards the south will enable
one to go with nature and draw the maximum positive
energies from the cosmos to keep one mentally fit and
physically healthy. Ancient masters of wisdom Garga
and Markandeya tell us that one should lie with his
head placed southward if one wants to be healthy and
live long.
Ayurvedic texts speak of lunar and solar energies.
Certain tridosha(vata, pitta and kapha) disturbances
can be brought back to normalcy by sleeping either to
the left or to the right.
It is said that by sleeping on your left, the solar
energy is enhanced and can contribute to better sleep
to the Vata and Kapha constitutions.
By sleeping on your right, the solar energy is suppressed
and therefore recommended to Pitta constitutions.
School and college going youngsters can develop their
assertive and winning traits by sleeping with their heads
to the east.
(Vastu solutions-w w w
2)Happy thoughts make happy days!
One of the best formulas for longevity and good health is
not just taking a walk outdoors but taking our walk while
holding the hand of God. When we walk in gratitude for each
and every moment, we empower ourselves by empowering our
spirits; when we breathe in nature through our eyes, ears
and lips we become certain that not only our souls eternal
but that God knows how to manage our lives, our troubles,
our worries and our days better than we do; so today and
everyday ”Let go and let God”.(=Let us walk with God and
let Him manage our affairs.)
(An article ”Grace”- from ”Philosophy”-the perfumed body lotion.)
3)Researchers have discovered a protein from the depths
of the ocean that actually protects our brain cells as we age.
CaBPs(Calcium-Binding Proteins) are found throughout
the body. They bind with excess calcium in our cells and keep
it from rising to toxic levels. At around age 40, these vital
CaBPs start to decrease and this will lead to cell damage and
even cell-death, which may result in loss of memory, forgetting
names etc.
As you age, you lose about 30,000 brain cells a day and
that impacts every aspect of your life…how you think,
and how you feel.
-Dr.Robert Pastore.(scientist)


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