A page from my diary.

———————-Hari Oum—————————
Quote of the day:
Life is a bridge. Cross over it but build no house on it.
Do you know?
1.Chamcha means spoon in Hindi, Urdu, Kannada and Tulu languages.
It means ”Yesman” i.e.,a person who slavishly follows his superior
and enthusiastically agrees with everything his superior says.
2.Fan is a device for producing a cooling current of air about a person,
by the movement of surface or surfaces. ”Fan” from fanatic means
admirer, enthusiast, or fan who is devoted to someone.
3.a)Cat breeds:American curl,Cornish Rex,Manx,Persian,Ragdoll,
Siamese, Canada lynx.
b)Dog breeds:Beagle,Collie,Dalmatian,Pointer,Pug,Whippet.
c)Kinds of monkeys:Gibbons,Lorises,Macaques,Langurs.
4.State rulers of an ethnic minority group:
a)Napoleon, who was born in Corsica, but ruled France.
b)Georgian born Stalin ruled Russia.
c)Catherine II, the empress of Russia, was a German-born.
d)British Conservative statesman Benjamin Disraeli was a Jew.
e)Peruvian President Nicolas Sarkozy was the son of a Hungarian
immigrant father.
5.The word ”Sanskrit” means complete or perfect
6.Panini was a Sanskrit Grammarian(520BC-460BC) who wrote a
treatise called ”Ashtadhyayi.”Panini is an Italian word
which refers to little breads
7.”Hypertrichosis”- is a condition which causes excessive
body hair on the face and chest.
8.Namasthe means”I bow to the God within you.”
9.Bhagavant means one who possesses fortune and wealth.
(Bhaga=fortune, wealth; vant=possessing)
10.We have evidence that solar storms have over geologic time
reversed Earth’s magnetic field.
a.Earth without ”art” is just ”Eh.”
”Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the
same time.”-Thomas Merton, ”No man is an island.”
”Art is not what you see but what you make others to see.”
-Edgar Degas.
”Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.”
-Pablo Picasso.
”Art washes away from the soul, the dirt of everyday life.”
-Pablo Picasso.
Take away the paintings and plays,novels, poems, music dance,
film and other creative endeavors and what you have got?
A planet/a life that’s a lot less interesting.
b.Traditions keep a community connected and committed.
Traditions are based on value systems, handed down from
generation to generation.
An elderly passenger who couldn’t sleep, asked the cabin
crew of the plane, if the captain could turn down the noise.
”Do you mean the engine?”, the crew asked.”Yes, yes the
engine!” replied the passenger.
-Readers Digest.”
During my stay for one month with my daughter and her family at
Connecticut, I spent my days in reading and collecting various
informations on different subjects and playing fun with my grand
Connecticut is a state in the New England region of the north
eastern U.S. It is named after Connecticut river. It’s capital
is Hatford.Some of the famous Natives are-Katharine Hepburn(actress),
Mark Twain(author).Dr. Robert K. Jarvik, a Stamford native
invented the world’s first artificial heart in 1982.
Different names of Connecticut are-a)Nutmeg State(named after nutmeg,
the state spice of Connecticut);b)Land of Steady Habits(the name is
applied in allusion to the strict morals of its inhabitants;
c)The Provisions State(During the American Revolution and to support
the cause of America’s independence from Great Britain, Connecticut
gave freely of her blood and wealth and contributed ammunitions for
the continental forces)
d)The Constitution State.
Connecticut is the most industrialised state in the nation,
producing weapons, jet engines, helicopters, motors, hardware
and tools, submarines, sewing machines etc. Nicknamed as the
”Insurance capital of the world”, Hatford houses many insurance
company headquarters.
Attractions:-Mystic Seaport,Mystic Aquarium,Connecticut river cruise
ships, homes of Mark Twain and Harriet Beecher Stowe, Hartford,
Connecticut Valley Hindu Temple Society, Spirit of Broadway
theatre at Norwich known for unique performances.
State emblems:
The state song:Yankee Doodle.”
—-do—bird:”American Robin.”
—-do—flower:”The Mountain Laurel.”
—-do—tree:”White Oak.”
—-do—animal:sperm Whale.
—-do—insect:Praying Mantis.
—-do—hero:Nathan Hale.
—-do—heroine:Prudence Crandall.
While abroad,you are forced to question your own lifestyle,
morals and language daily in order to fully understand and
learn from the diversity around you.What experience you gain
while travelling abroad, is most other-worldly and eye- opening.
(All informations are collected)


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