Do You Know?

1)Be informed:
a)Nobel Prize cash amount has been reduced by Nobel Foundation
by 20 percent.Reason-economic crisis.The money that prize winners
are awarded with, was donated by the chemist Alfred Nobel, in his
will.Future winners would receive medal, diploma and cash $1.1 million.
b)Emotional issues such as burrowing grief, not only
worsen skin conditions but also prevent treatment from being effective.
We may push away feelings but we can’t destroy them; they will manifest
elsewhere.Stress is a vicious circle with skin issues. It’s possible
your skin is acting as a protector, trying to tell you things, you
don’t want to admit to yourself.—Lucy Walker.
c)Jorah–holy book of Parsis.
d)Pashmina is a breed of sheep.
2)Founding Fathers:
a)Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan may be considered as
the founding father of U.A.E.(United Arab Emirates) which
is composed of 7 emirates or states, with each emirate
having its own monarch or Sheikh.The country was formed
on December 2, in 1971. The state religion is Islam.
Arabic is the Official language.Population is 8.19 million;
Emiratis 16.5 percent and remaining expatriates.
b)J.H.Durant———-Red Cross(1864)
c)Robert S.S.Baden Powell——————-Scouting(1907)
3)Name of Parliaments of different countries:
4)All about Alberta:
There are 75 provincial parks and more than 200 provincial
recreation areas in Alberta.
a)Kananaskis (also known as Peter Lougheed) Provincial Park,
derives its name from the Cree word ”Kin-e-a-kis” and is said
to be the name of a warrior, who survived an axe blow to the head.
b)Waterton Lakes National Park is named after Charles Waterton,
the 19th century naturalist.


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